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How to deal with the mildew on the wall when it comes to plum rain, the interior is always wet. Especially in the south, the walls are often moldy, which is the most worrying thing for many families. A large part of the room humidity is related to the indoor ventilation, but the weather is also an important factor affecting the indoor humidity. In addition, there are some construction reasons, such as not well waterproof, which will lead to mildew on the wall. So, how to deal with mildew on the wall? Please see the solution below. How to deal with mildew on the wall

We all know that the mildew on the wall is caused by the mold. The coating industry has always called the mold wall cancer. We can imagine how harmful the mold is to the wall. The mold has a very strong vitality and is very stubborn. The general method is endless. It will grow in a few days, and it will get bigger and bigger.

There are many reasons for wall mildew. The wall is wet, or the putty or coating used in decoration is not good, which will also cause wall mildew. In winter, there are many cases of wall mildew. The reason is that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is quite large, which is easy to make the wall 'dewing'. If the wall is not dry for a long time, it will have mildew, long hair, and therefore the wall will have mildew.

After the house wall becomes moldy, the spore powder of the wall mold flows with the air and is inhaled in long-term contact, which may cause respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms, such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, pollen fever, asthma, etc. People with low immunity may also cause headache, fever, inflammation of skin or mucous membrane, which is very harmful to human body. How to deal with mildew on the wall

1. When the mildew on the wall is not serious, it can be wiped with wet cloth or washed with water. If it cannot be completely removed, it can be washed with bleaching agent, so that the mildew can be removed.

2. If you can't wipe the mildew on the wall with clear water, it's better to scrape off the mildew on the wall, and then brush it again. As for the painting method, it's unnecessary to introduce it!

3. What should I do to prevent the later wall from getting moldy again? We suggest that you still brush a layer of waterproof paint, latex paint on the wall, so that you can do it once and for all, and then you don't have to worry about this problem!

4. At last, I remind you that in order to prevent the wall from mildew, it's better to suggest that you should always ventilate the room to keep a clean and tidy environment, so that the indoor wall will not mildew, and you don't have to worry about it. How to deal with mildew on the wall

1. Prevent the wall from mildew. When decorating, first apply impermeable liquid on the wall to form a colorless and transparent waterproof film layer on the wall to prevent the immersion of external moisture.

2. If the wall is often moldy, it may be that the waterproof layer is not well done. In this case, the professional decoration team should redo the waterproof layer.

3. If you find any black spots on the wallpaper, don't use water to wipe them out because they are dirt.

4. The wall mold can hide a large number of hepatitis virus and influenza virus, do not ignore the harm of wall mold to human body.