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How to deal with the poor cooling effect of air conditioning in summer

Four seas network: in summer, many people report that the effect of opening air conditioner at home is not very good, and the cooling effect is very poor. What's the reason why the air conditioner doesn't cool? What are the precautions for using air conditioner in summer? You will know after reading!

What are the reasons for the poor cooling effect of air conditioning

1. Unreasonable temperature setting

The cooling effect of air conditioning has a lot to do with the set air conditioning temperature. If the air conditioning is turned on in a hot day and the temperature is set high, the cooling effect of air conditioning must be bad.

2. Screen clogged

As long as the filter screen of the air conditioner does not remove dust for several months, the filter screen will be blocked by dust, which will reduce the air volume blown in during refrigeration, that is to say, the amount of air-conditioner blown out is not enough, resulting in poor refrigeration effect.

3. Lack of refrigerant

The air conditioning refrigerant (Freon) is too little, generally because of leakage, resulting in the air conditioning working pressure is not enough, resulting in the air conditioning refrigeration effect is not good.

4. Poor insulation effect

If the room insulation effect is not good, many people in the house because of the special wall structure, do not have any insulation, and the heat loss is large, so often feel the cooling effect of air conditioning is not good.

5. Air outlet blocked

If the cooling effect of the air conditioner is not good, you can check whether there are many obstacles in the air outlet of the outdoor unit, which will affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner, and the heat in the room cannot be dissipated normally.

6. High outdoor temperature

If the outdoor temperature has exceeded 43 degrees, many air conditioners can not transfer the indoor heat to the outdoor, resulting in poor indoor cooling effect.

7. Air conditioning power too low

If the power of the air conditioner is small, the room is too large for the air conditioner, so the air conditioner can not meet the cooling demand of the room, which will also cause poor cooling effect.

8. Too many people

If there are too many people in the room, or there are other heat sources, the heat source will have a certain impact on the cooling effect of air conditioning.

9. Improper installation of air conditioner

If the installation personnel are not very professional, the ventilation pipe may be too long, the heat transfer efficiency may be low, and the refrigeration may not occur during the installation. If the professional personnel are selected, this problem will not generally occur.

10. Air conditioning quality problems

If the refrigeration effect of the newly purchased air conditioner is not so good, it can only show that there are problems in the refrigeration effect of the air conditioner itself, and it is recommended to solve them as soon as possible.

11. Air conditioning aging

After using the air conditioner for a long time, the valve plate inside the compressor will be aged after several years, which will lead to the decrease of the transmission power of the compressor and the poor cooling effect of the air conditioner.

How to solve the poor cooling effect of air conditioning

1. When setting the air conditioning temperature, choose the appropriate temperature, not too high or too low. It is recommended to set the temperature when cooling: 26-28 ℃.

2. If the air conditioner is lack of fluorine, you can find after-sales service personnel to check and add.

3. If it is a compressor problem, you can only find a professional for maintenance, and need to repair or replace a new compressor.

4. Pay attention to cleaning the filter screen when the filter screen of air conditioner is blocked, so it is best to clean the filter screen once a time regularly.

5. No objects shall be placed at the air inlet and air outlet of the air conditioner, otherwise the cooling effect of the air conditioner will be affected, and the foreign matters shall be removed.

6. Choose air conditioning to consider the size of the room area, if the room is too large, you can use curtains and other partitions to reduce the room area.

7. If there is a heat source in the room that affects the air conditioning, keep a certain distance between the heat source in the room and the air conditioning.

8. If the air conditioner installation is unreasonable, you can find the installation personnel to re install it.

9. If the newly purchased air conditioner has quality problems, you can contact the merchant for replacement or maintenance.

Some people find that the cooling effect of their air conditioner is not very good. What's the reason? It's probably the following situations.

Precautions for blowing air conditioner in summer

1. The indoor and outdoor temperature is different. If the temperature is relatively extreme for a long time, it will lead to the decline of the body's regulating ability. If the temperature is too long, it will lead to the decline of immune function and various symptoms. This is called air conditioning disease. It is suggested that the air conditioning should be adjusted to about 26 ℃, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 7 ℃, otherwise the burden of the thermoregulation center will be increased.

2. Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately when you come home from perspiration, which is harmful to your health. Because when sweating, the pores are completely open, and the air conditioner is blown before it can be closed. It is easy to make the temperature drop sharply, and it is very easy to catch a cold.

3. When sleeping, the body temperature will drop. If the air conditioner is always on at night, it is also easy to cause headache, cold, etc., so you must turn off the air conditioner before going to bed, or set a timing to turn off.

4. When the air conditioner is turned on, the cold air sinks, so it's better to blow upward in summer to avoid the cold air directly blowing the body. People who are close to the air conditioner, it is better to sit in front of the air conditioner, because the cold wind blows on your back and waist from behind, which is more harmful to human body than the face-to-face wind.

5. Pay attention to frequent ventilation. It is recommended to open the window once an hour or so for about 15 minutes each time. Especially for some people with respiratory diseases, the air conditioning time should be as short as possible.