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How to reduce the temperature in the car

Sihaiwang: driving in summer, the air in the car is not circulating, and the heat is serious. This shows the necessity of air conditioning. When the car air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor is very uncomfortable. So we must know the reason why the car air conditioner doesn't cool and how to cool it quickly in the car.


How to reduce the temperature in the car in summer

The reason of poor refrigeration effect of automobile air conditioner

1. Filter element of air conditioner is blocked

If the automobile air conditioner is not refrigerated enough, first check whether it is caused by the blockage of the air conditioner core, which is quite common. If the air is cool enough, but the air volume is not enough, the refrigeration will be poor. Replace the air conditioner core.

2. Condenser too dirty

The condenser is in front of the water tank. The two are close together. It is used to cool the refrigerant. But it is often blocked by some dirt, such as cotton wool, which leads to poor heat dissipation, so the cooling effect is reduced. When washing the car, remember to wash it with a water gun, which is very easy to solve.

3. Lack of refrigerant

If the cooling dose of the air conditioning system pipeline is insufficient and the pressure is reduced, the heat transferred will be reduced, resulting in the insufficient cooling of the automobile air conditioning. If there are too many leaks, the cooling effect of the air conditioner will be very poor, or even there is no cooling effect. Refill the refrigerant and check the leakage point.

4. Air conditioning component failure

If a component of the air conditioning system is faulty. For example, the compressor is damaged, the expansion valve is damaged, etc. it needs to be checked and repaired at the 4S shop.

5. There is much dust in the evaporation tank

If the air conditioning core is not blocked, but the air output is still small, the air conditioning system has no fault after inspection, which is caused by too much dust in the evaporation tank, so the air conditioning needs to be cleaned. Generally, it is recommended to replace two air conditioning cores a year, one in winter and one in summer, clean the air conditioning once a year or two years, depending on the frequency of use, it needs to be cleaned in summer, and it does not need to clean the warm air in winter.

6. Improper use

If we turn on the air conditioner and turn on the external circulation at the same time, the hot gas outside the car will be introduced into the car. The refrigeration effect of the air conditioner will naturally deteriorate. Therefore, when the weather is hot, we need to quickly switch back to the internal circulation after the air exchange of the external circulation. Of course, it can't be recycled in one direction. For a long time, the air in the car can't be circulated. It will not only cause air conditioning problems, but also carbon monoxide poisoning. The best way is to replace the exterior and interior circulation.

How to reduce the temperature when the temperature in the car is high

1. Open ventilation

The simpler way is to open the four windows before getting on the car, so that the car is well ventilated and the hot air in the car is dissipated. First, adjust the temperature to the lowest level, then turn on the vehicle circulation, adjust the wind direction to the foot blowing position, and finally turn the air volume to the maximum so that the indoor hot air can be discharged outwards. When you feel that the indoor air is in balance with the external temperature, close the window glass, open the internal circulation of the vehicle, and adjust the temperature to the appropriate gear.

2. First external circulation and then internal circulation

Many people believe that keeping the air conditioner in the internal circulation state will be conducive to the retention of cold air, and the temperature at the air outlet of the air conditioner will be lower. It's true that when the temperature inside the car is lower than the temperature outside the car, the internal circulation can better maintain the temperature inside the car.

But in the first time, the temperature inside the car is higher than that outside the car, so the state of internal circulation is not conducive to the circulation of hot air inside the car. At this time, the air conditioner should be set in the state of external circulation, so that the air temperature of the air conditioner will be lower. The simpler way is to open the window, level the temperature inside the car with that outside the car as soon as possible, and then turn on the air conditioner.

3. Air outlet cooling up faster

The direction of the air-conditioning blowing port is also very important. In summer, if the cold wind blows upward, the temperature in the car will drop faster. In winter, blow down the hot air and the temperature will rise faster. It is the principle of air expansion and contraction that makes the hot air lighter and the cold air heavier.