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How many degrees is the air conditioner on in summer comfortable? How many degrees is the air condit

Sihai network: how much cooling degree of air conditioner is more appropriate? Some people turn the air conditioner on the lowest in order to cool down, which is not good for the body in fact, but also consumes more electricity. So in summer, how much of the indoor air conditioning temperature is more appropriate and more energy-saving?

How much cooling degree of air conditioner is suitable

When using air conditioning in summer, the setting temperature of air conditioning should be 26 ℃ ~ 28 ℃. This is the best comfortable temperature for human body. Generally, the most normal and ideal heat balance temperature for human body is 25 ℃, but in fact, the effective temperature that people can feel is 1-2 ℃ lower than the indoor temperature, so the indoor air conditioning is the best at about 27 ℃.

How much is the air conditioner on in summer

In summer, the higher the temperature is set, the more electricity will be saved, but the temperature is too high and the refrigeration effect will not be achieved. Therefore, in order to ensure the combination of refrigeration and power saving, it is better to set the air conditioner at about 28 degrees. This temperature will not feel hot for people who sit still or work lightly. If you just come back, you can first turn it down and wait indoors After the temperature has stabilized, adjust it to 28 ℃.

How to save electricity by turning on air conditioner in summer

1. Do not switch on and off the air conditioner frequently. In order to save power, someone often turns the air conditioner on and off. In fact, this is very power consuming, and the compressor is easy to lose.

2. The filter screen should also be cleaned frequently. It is better to clean it once a month, because cleaning the filter screen can ensure the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

3. Improve the maintenance structure of the air-conditioned room to ensure the insulation effect of materials and sealing.

4. Choose the air conditioner with the right power. If the power is too high or too low, the air conditioner will consume a lot of power.

5. Rooms to avoid direct sunlight, summer use curtains to block the sun, can save about 5% of the electricity.

6. When opening the air conditioner, do not open the doors and windows frequently, which will make the air conditioner in the room run away.

7. The height of the air outlet should be moderate. When heating, the air guide plate should be downward. When cooling, the air guide plate should be upward or horizontal, which has a better cooling effect.

8. Keep the air outlet smooth, do not stack large pieces of furniture to block heat dissipation and increase unnecessary power consumption.

9. Turn off the air conditioner in advance, usually ten minutes before leaving home, that is, turn off the air conditioner, which may save electric energy. The airtightness of the air-conditioned room must be good, and the windows must be closed tightly to keep the air-conditioner from losing. If the light in the room is too strong, the curtain can be drawn during the day to block part of the heat, and the indoor personnel should not enter and leave too frequently.

10. When the air conditioner is running, if it feels too cold, you don't need to turn it off, just turn up the set temperature.