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How to use air conditioner in summer

Sihai network: summer is coming, and it's the season to use air conditioning. But when air conditioning is cooling, it's very power consuming. How many degrees does it need to be turned on to save electricity? Let's take a look at the tips of using air conditioning in summer.

How many degrees of air conditioning refrigeration save electricity

In summer, the higher the air conditioning temperature setting, the more power saving. However, the comfort should also be considered, so it can not be set too high. Generally, it is set between 26 ~ 28 ℃ when cooling. This temperature is the most comfortable for human body, and it also saves electricity relatively. In general, when the air conditioning refrigeration temperature is higher than one degree, it can save about 10% energy.

How to use air conditioner in summer

What is the minimum degree of air conditioning cooling

The temperature of air conditioning refrigeration regulation is between 16 ~ 30 ℃, that is to say, the air conditioning can be set at 16 ~ 30 ℃. But the actual temperature of the room is not like this, because the temperature set by the air conditioner is only to automatically stop when the indoor temperature is at this temperature, and automatically start when the temperature is higher than the set temperature, which has nothing to do with how much the air conditioner can cool.

The lowest temperature of the air conditioner is not necessarily the lowest temperature that the air conditioner can refrigerate, even if you set the temperature at 16 ℃, if the air conditioner power is too small, the indoor area is relatively large, or there are more heat sources in the space, even if the air conditioner works 24 hours a day, it is not necessarily able to reduce the room temperature to 16 ℃, let alone less than 16 ℃.

If the air conditioning power is relatively large, and the indoor area is small enough, and the insulation is good enough, the indoor temperature can be reduced to 16 degrees quickly. Of course, because the principle of air conditioning temperature control, when it reaches 16 degrees, it will shut down, so the lowest indoor temperature is the set 16 degrees.

How to use air conditioner more efficiently in summer

1. Pay attention to room insulation

If there is sunshine in the room, it is recommended to buy curtains to shade the sun, which can save about 5% of the power of the air conditioner. When using the air conditioner, the doors and windows should be closed to avoid the air conditioner running outside.

2. Air conditioning with fan

After buying the air conditioner at home, you don't need to put away the fan. Because the fan and the air conditioner can cool down faster, and the effect is better. In summer, a single fan can't solve the problem of hot weather. At this time, you can use the fan-assisted air conditioner to cool down, but also to increase the indoor air circulation. The power of the fan is very small, and the general small fan is 50W left Right, it's nothing compared with 1000 ~ 2000W of air conditioner.

3. Use sleep mode

If it is very hot to sleep at night, it is recommended to turn on the sleep mode, which will save about 20% of the electricity compared with the normal air conditioning, and will not affect our rest.

4. Turn off the air conditioner in advance when going out

Generally, the air conditioner can be kept for about 15 minutes after being turned off, so if we want to go out, we can turn off the air conditioner about 15 minutes in advance, which not only saves power, but also allows our body to adapt to the temperature change indoors slowly, so as not to go out very hot.