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Can camphor pill touch clothing allergy? What are the symptoms of camphor pill allergy

I believe everyone is familiar with camphor pill. Everyone has camphor pill in their cupboard. Is camphor pill allergic to clothing? In general, camphor pills are allergic. Camphor pill contains some stimulating ingredients, which may cause allergy if exposed to more. Let's take a look at it in detail!

Is camphor pill allergic

Camphor pills are allergic.

Camphor in the natural camphor pill is pungent and irritating to the skin to a certain extent. It may cause allergy if the skin is sensitive to contact. Naphthalene and p-dichlorobenzene in synthetic camphor pills can stimulate the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract to a certain extent, which is easy to cause allergy.

How to deal with the allergy of camphor pill

1. Immediately remove the camphor pill from the home and keep the patient away from the camphor pill.

2. Move the patient to a ventilated area for fresh air.

3. If the situation is serious, it needs to be immediately sent to the hospital for observation and anti allergy treatment.

4. Take out and wash all the clothes that have been exposed to camphor pill, and wash away the benzene in the clothes, so as to prevent the patient from contacting the clothes that have been exposed to camphor pill again.

What are the symptoms of camphor pill allergy? 1. Sore throat, cough, dyspnea

Camphor in camphor pill is a kind of central nerve stimulant. Long time contact with camphor pill is easy to cause throat discomfort, respiratory difficulties, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms.

2. Dizziness, headache, mental disorder

Camphor in natural camphor pill and naphthalene and benzene in synthetic camphor pill can stimulate the central nervous system of human body, make people excited, cause headache, uneasiness, mental disorder, delirium, etc.

3. Skin allergy

The long-term contact of natural camphor pills with skin is easy to cause local burns, and the long-term contact of synthetic camphor pills is easy to cause allergic symptoms such as rash.

Who is allergic to camphor pills

With the increase of age, most of the old people's physique is correspondingly worse, their resistance is weakened, and the clothes that have been exposed to camphor pills are easy to produce allergic symptoms.


The detoxification and detoxification function of newborn baby is not perfect. Contacting camphor pill or camphor pill clothes is easy to cause hemolytic jaundice, liver damage, red blood cell damage and so on.


The digestive and detoxification functions of immature children are not complete, and their resistance is poor. Camphor pill is also easy to cause allergy.

Allergic person

People with allergic constitution should pay special attention to the use of things. Camphor pills are easy to cause allergy.

How to prevent anaphylaxis of camphor pill and pay attention to ventilation

Pay attention to ventilation in the space where camphor pills are used. Regular ventilation can volatilize benzene and naphthalene in camphor pills.

Clothes drying

The clothes exposed to camphor pill should be put in the sun for a period of time or put in the shade for a few days before wearing, which can volatilize benzene and naphthalene in the clothes.


Cleaning and disinfecting the clothes that have been exposed to camphor pill can remove the benzene in the clothes.

Avoid new baby contact

The clothes that have been exposed to camphor pill should avoid contacting with the newborn baby and causing impact on the baby.

Product substitution

Camphor pill can be replaced by other non-toxic products, such as xiangmuzhu, charcoal bag or Xiangbao made of fennel and cumin, which can also have the effect of moisture-proof and insect proof.

Notes on using camphor pill

1. Camphor pills are not used in underwear. The use of camphor pills in underwear is easy to cause allergy and even poisoning.

2. Wash hands after contact with camphor pills. Wash your hands after contacting with camphor pill to prevent allergy or poisoning caused by contacting food entrance again.

3. See the ingredients label when you buy. Try to buy natural camphor pills with relatively low toxicity, and avoid buying synthetic camphor pills with strong toxicity containing benzene.

4. Wrap camphor pills in paper. Wrapping camphor balls in paper and putting them into clothes can protect clothes from damage.

Other things in life that cause allergies

1. Pollen: pollen is a very common allergen in life. Every kind of pollen may cause allergy.

2. Animals: animals may cause allergies in life. They may be allergic to animal hair, saliva and dandruff.

3. Mold: mold is all pervasive, spores, mycelium and metabolites may cause allergy, mainly spore allergy.

4. Milk: the protein in milk belongs to allogeneic protein. People who are allergic to protein may be allergic to milk.

5. Egg: egg allergy is mainly egg white allergy, and its allergens are mainly egg white protein, egg mucin, lysozyme, egg transferrin, etc.

6. Soybean: the allergen in soybean is mainly the soybean protein contained in it. Soybean protein and human body's antibody work together to produce allergy.

7. Peanut: Peanut contains protein, peanut protein is the main allergen, peanut protein into the human body and the role of antibodies, causing allergies.

8. Fish and shrimp: fish and shrimp are rich in a large number of allogeneic proteins, which activate immune cells, produce chemical reactions, and make the human body produce allergies.