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How to paint milk tea makeup

Sihaiwang: the girl who loves beauty must know how to make up. A good make-up can determine a person's spirit. Today I would like to recommend a milk tea make-up for you. Milk tea make-up is gentle and natural, which is suitable for all seasons of the year. And don't pick age and skin. How can make-up of milk tea look good? Let's see the diagram below.

How to draw milk tea makeup

The whole color is warm milk tea makeup, low-key gentle feeling, very suitable for winter use. Relatively speaking, the style is Japanese, which is very suitable for light coat and small skirt.


In winter, the skin is easy to dry, so choose a moisturizing pre makeup cream or skin care essential oil to smear on the whole face, moisturize the skin and prevent the following problems such as makeup card powder and floating powder.

Before taking makeup, milk and skincare essential oil is absorbed. Choose the foundation liquid that is suitable for your skin color and apply it to the face. In the autumn and winter season, we recommend that you choose to compare the Moisturizing Foundation to the bottom makeup. The makeup of milk tea must be clean and obedient.


Choose an eyebrow pen suitable for your hair color, draw the lower edge line of eyebrow along your eyebrow shape to shape eyebrow. Here is a choice with a natural peak of the daily eyebrow shape, more gentle than flat eyebrows, feminine.

Then use the eyebrow pencil to outline the upper edge line, and fill the gap between the eyebrows to perfect the entire eyebrow shape. Pay attention to empty the eyebrows, and use the spiral brush to comb the eyebrows, with the color of the eyebrows.

Choose the eyebrow dye paste suitable for your hair color to brush the eyebrows, so that the color of eyebrows is more uniform and the color looks more natural.

Eye makeup

Use a halo dye brush to get matte light beige eye shadow brush as the bottom of the entire eyelid, and the peripheral halo of double fold fold makes it more natural to match skin tone.

Remember to use a matte light brown Eyeshadow in the fold of the eyelid, from the eye to the eye, the color will be deeper and deeper. Then choose a detail eye shadow brush to smear matte dark brown Eyeshadow over the eye tail part and deepen it with a clean brush.

The small flat eye shadow brush smear matte light brown Eyeshadow from the tail of the eye to the head of the eye to deepen the shadow of the silkworm, and then apply the Pearl coloured champagne eye shadow to the position of the silkworm protuberance.

The brown eyeliner draws a half eye liner at the end of the eye. After the eyelash is set, brush the mascara.

modify one's face through surgery

Use a brush to dip the brown toner. Brush in the area with the highest zygomatic bone as the center and the place where the zygomatic bone protrudes. It can play a role in modifying the zygomatic bone and face shape. Then use the meat orange blush brush at the apple muscle highest point as the starting point to halo dye, brush out the effect of natural repair.


The orange is gradually blush, and the shades of the whole block are painted on the apple muscle. With face and blush, the face will be more solid and small.


First apply lip gloss to the lips, moisturize the lips for ten minutes, and then wipe the excess oil off your lips with a tissue. Then choose a red lip glaze with bean paste and apply it to the whole lips according to the shape of the lips. The make-up of matte mist will show more temperament.

When is Concealer used?

It can be used before or after the makeup. When the concealer is used, it can be used to see the specific needs. But the general Concealer is not on the top of the makeup, but also on the upper makeup. It will not appear in the later steps, because the concealer is also part of the bottom makeup.

The need for primer Concealer

Generally, if it is necessary to brighten the big face or cover the baby with redness, it is better to use it before the bottom makeup. Usually the general color is more special, the concealer is best used before the make-up, such as purple, green, yellow, and deep orange. The concealer of these colors is used in the bottom makeup as much as possible. This special color can be covered with the foundation liquid after that, and special colors like this need to be used in large areas. The best is that the makeup will be lighter before the bottom makeup.

The need for primer and concealer.

If it is more obvious red acne, you can choose to use the green concealer to cover the red before the bottom makeup, then cover it with the ordinary Concealer after the bottom makeup. Not very serious pockmarks, spots and dark circles can be covered after makeup. If it is finished, if the defect is not printed very well, you can use the concealer to take it with your fingers. If the defect is printed, it should be covered with a concealer, and the concealment will be better.

Pink and purple eye makeup course

A slightly polarized effect of pink with dark purple eye shadow, Eyeliner does not deliberately emphasize, gentle and natural more gentle girl feeling.

How to paint pink and purple eye makeup

Step 1: use a fluffy halo dye brush to dip the matte peach color into the eye socket of the upper eyelid as the base. Then dip your fingers in polarized golden orange, and add a layer to increase the sense of hierarchy.

The second step: use a pair of eyeliner brush to get the matte black eye shadow to draw the latter half of the eyeliner, then take the matte purple eye shadow to dye the black eye liner naturally.

The third step: then use finger to dip the pearl light skin color eye shadow in the eye and the position of the silkworm.

The fourth step: deep brown eyeliner on the inner liner and upper eyeliner, then add a layer of eyeliner to increase the degree of persistence, and finally put a false eyelash.