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Can white sugar exfoliate? How about the effect of using white sugar to exfoliate

It's no secret that sugar can exfoliate. Many girls who love beauty have tried to exfoliate their faces with white sugar. White sugar can exfoliate their faces. White sugar is a particle object, which can produce certain friction effect on the skin and promote the exfoliation of cuticle. How to do it? Let's take a look at it in detail!

Can white sugar exfoliate? How about the effect of using white sugar to exfoliate

Can sugar be exfoliated

White sugar has the function of exfoliating.

White sugar is a common food with beauty effect in life. Many people like to use white sugar for skin care everyday. For people with thick cuticle, it has the function of exfoliation.

Does sugar exfoliate well

It has a good function of exfoliation to use white sugar on the face.

White sugar is a granular product, which has a friction effect on the skin, can promote the exfoliation of the cuticle of the skin, can thoroughly clean the dirt in the pores, and make the skin more delicate and white. It is an ideal cleaning method.

How do white sugar exfoliate

Material: white sugar.


1. After washing your face, put a spoonful of sugar in the palm of your hand, and add a small amount of water to evenly smear it on your face.

2. Carry out facial massage according to the usual facial massage method

3. Then wash the sugar.

4, wipe milk and essence, for subsequent maintenance.

How often does sugar exfoliate

It is recommended to do it once a half month.

White sugar has a strong cleaning power and cannot be used frequently. Otherwise, it will cause great damage to the skin. It is recommended to use it once every half a month, so as not to excessively clean and damage the cutin of the skin, nor to cause excessive cutin.

Who can't exfoliate with sugar

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White sugar has a strong cleanness. People with thin cuticle will damage the originally thin cuticle when they use white sugar for facial cleaning, resulting in skin damage.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin generally speaking, the cuticle of the skin is tender, and the cleanness of white sugar is too strong, it is easy to cause skin discomfort.