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How to remove the pilling of knitwear knitwear is similar to sweater in material. Some knitwear with poor quality or maintenance may pilling, and they don't want to wear together. What shall I do? How to get rid of the knitting money? Teach you a simple way to remove the hair ball.

How to remove the pilling of knitwear

How to remove the sweater ball

Shaver off the ball

If there is a man's razor at home, you can use the razor to gently scrape and comb the wool ball on the knitwear, so that the top of the knitwear is very smooth, but you should pay attention to the strength of the razor, if the strength is too large, it may scratch the knitwear.

Professional ball remover

There is a light-weight home-made T-shirt ball remover in the supermarket, which is cheap and practical. It can be used when the T-shirt, the overcoat or the sweater is pilling. Because the knife head of the T-shirt ball remover rotates faster, it is necessary to straighten out the part to be removed, so as to avoid the wrinkles being accidentally cut, which will damage the T-shirt.

How to prevent the pilling of knitwear

Face cleaning

When cleaning the knitwear every time, remember to turn the knitwear over, so that the friction can be reduced during cleaning, so as to prevent the formation of knitwear balls.

Professional detergent cleaning

When cleaning the knitwear, the best detergent is professional wool washing fabric detergent. Of course, it can also be used with shampoo to wash the knitwear, which can make the knitwear smooth and natural.

Soaking of wool fabric care agent

After cleaning the knitwear, soak it in the wool care solution diluted with water for a period of time, so as to add a protective film to the knitwear, which can not only make the knitwear bright without pilling due to friction, but also make the stains easily removed.

Hand wash not machine wash

Do not use washing machine to clean knitwear, it is better to wash it by hand, which means that the highest temperature of 40 ℃ water and special detergent can be used. When cleaning the knitwear, soak the knitwear in warm water with detergent solution for about 5 minutes, and then gently scrub it with hands, and then rinse it with cold water, which will also be very clean and reduce pilling.

Precautions for cleaning and maintenance of knitwear

1. The knitwear is easy to deform, so you can't pull it vigorously, so as to avoid the clothes from going out of shape and affecting your wearing taste.

2. After washing, the knitwear can only be dried in the shade. It should be hung in a ventilated and dry place. When drying, it should be laid flat as much as possible. If the hanger is used, the knitwear will be easily deformed due to hanging.

3. Knitwear should avoid exposure to the sun, which will damage its luster and elasticity, making it yellow and black.

4. The knitwear wears for a long time, some parts will be polished and shiny. This can be used vinegar, water half mixture spray, and then wash once, so that you can restore the original.

5. White knitwear will turn black after wearing for a long time. If the knitwear is refrigerated for one hour after cleaning, and then taken out to dry, it will be as white as new.

6. Hand wash in cold water and try to use neutral detergent.

7. When storing knitwear, it's better not to hang it, because it's easy to cause deformation of knitwear. It's a better way to store knitwear neatly and horizontally.

8. For the knitwear with embroidery, patch embroidery or nail bead technology, more attention should be paid not to damage these parts during washing and storage. It's better to fold it inside when storing, do not contact with other clothes directly, so as to avoid damage of hook and hanger.