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Where can I buy Coconut grey ice cream? How much is it

Four seas network: stir up a lot of popular products on vibrato. Let's talk about ice cream called coconut grey. Coconut grey ice cream is different from ordinary white ice cream. It's dark inside and outside. It's not cold, but it's delicious. So where can I buy Coconut grey ice cream? Let's have a look.

Where can I find coconut grey ice cream

The family convenience store is available. Ever since I saw the jitter, I really did not chop my hands. This time I planted a net of red ice cream. Recently, coconut ice cream on the blink of fire is sold in the family convenience store. The price is moderate, and the taste is super! When summer is hot, an ice cream will explode!

How much is the family's Coconut grey ice cream

The price is 9 yuan.

The appearance is pure black, very cold and windy. The outermost layer is chocolate sprinkled with coconut chips. The thin layer is very crisp. Inside is dark gray ice cream, which was originally thought to be very sweet, but it tastes clear???

Very fresh taste of coconut milk! It's totally different from what it looks like

The key is to eat the whole thing without getting bored!! Two more!! And the calories are low!! Don't worry about getting fat!!

PS: coconut ash tastes like mud lime... The mouth is full of black... So buy it and enjoy it. Don't eat it in front of the God

Is coconut grey ice cream high in calories

Less than 200 calories, slimming star can also eat. Many people are worried that they will be fat if they eat ice cream. Indeed, if they eat too much ice cream, they will certainly have meat. But you also wonder why ice cream is so cold. Why is it a high calorie food?

In fact, the calories of an ice cream are basically less than that of a glass of milk within 200 calories, but the calories are not the standard to measure whether the food is healthy or not. Because its sugar content is slightly higher, it is not suitable to eat more, but eating less will not make you fat. As for whether its temperature can offset the heat, the answer is yes, but very few. Drinking ice water consumes more energy than drinking warm water. Eating the same amount of food, ice food, requires more energy for human body to digest it. It's like you have to produce heat when you soak in cold water!