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Can apple vinegar be used to wash your face? What is the effect of apple vinegar on face washing

Apple vinegar is a kind of drink that people usually like to drink. Apple vinegar can also slow down the aging, soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipids and cholesterol. But in fact, apple vinegar can be used not only for drinking, but also for many other purposes. Can it be used to wash your face? Let's have a look!

Can apple vinegar wash your face

It can be used to wash the face; apple vinegar can be used to wash the face properly; because Apple Vinegar itself is a green and healthy drink, it is also a good choice to wash the face, but in order to avoid strong acidity, a small amount of salt can be used to mix, so it is OK. Of course, it depends on the skin type of your skin. Apple vinegar itself is acidic. If your skin is dry, it's better not to use it, and the right amount is enough, not more, which will cause bad effects on your face skin.

What's the advantage of apple vinegar washing face

1. Washing face with vinegar water can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells

2. Restore skin luster and elasticity, soften cuticle and whiten

3. And sterilization

Note: 7-10 drops a day for washing and practicing. If the skin is not shiny, you can eat more fruits. Cosmetics only play a temporary role.

The right way to wash face with apple vinegar

The ratio of apple vinegar and water is 1:10. First dilute 100 ml apple vinegar with 1 liter of distilled water, and put it in the refrigerator for standby. If the skin is dry (i.e. do not want to give oil), acid Pingguo vinegar may irritate the pores. It is not recommended to wash it for a long time no matter what