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How to place the TV cabinet in the living room

Four seas net: the comfortable feeling of a family can be changed through the layout of the room, so a good layout style is very important. However, there is often a place that is always ignored. That is the TV cabinet. To make the TV cabinet feel comfortable and generous. What should I put in the TV cabinet? May as well and small make up understand next!

What's next to the TV cabinet

Some objects are placed beside the TV cabinet, which can balance the visual space of the living room and make your family look more warm. The following items are often placed in most family living rooms:

1. Surround sound

For family KTV lovers and movie goers, it's great to put on a good pair of vertical surround sound. To give you a good hearing is one of the standards of leisure.

2. Storage cabinet with design sense

Now many family living rooms do this, not only can better reflect the modern home style, the important is very practical.

3. Vertical ceramics

Ceramic art really has magic power, which makes the interior space dye with the breath of art, as if time can slow down. It's a good choice to put it on both sides of the TV cabinet.

4. Modern floor lamp

This is a very European style feature, not only can replace the wall lamp. It can also enhance the taste of the whole family.

5. Floor vase

This arrangement is also a choice for many families. Not only in Fengshui, but also in the sense of vision and smell.

6. Vertical air conditioner

The corner next to the TV cabinet is fully utilized, and cabinet type air conditioner can be placed. But the angle of the air conditioner should be paid attention to. Try not to blow it into the TV.

What to put in the TV cabinet? Good Yin and Yang gossip

In ancient times, in order to adjust the climate of yin and Yang, people would choose the eight trigrams for decoration and adjustment. The yin-yang gossip can also bring some help to people's life now, and it can also play a certain auxiliary role in people's psychology. It is a kind of more useful geomancy ornament.


Sailboat is the most well-known Fengshui ornament among the Fengshui ornaments. It represents the meaning of smooth sailing. In many office environments, you can see the Fengshui ornament of sailboat. The Fengshui ornament of sailboat can not only show a kind of atmosphere on the surface, but also reflect the steaming day of the enterprise. It is a kind of very auspicious and well implied Fengshui ornament.


In many home environments, people can find the geomancy ornaments of aquarium, which are most common in Taiwan. Taiwan is an island that pays more attention to geomancy. Therefore, in the home environment, people will try their best to create a harmonious living atmosphere. The aquarium is generally used with bells and bells, which is the moral of peace for all beings, can bring auspicious omen for the whole family, and can also make the atmosphere of life more harmonious.

flower plants

Flowers and plants are not only the soft decoration of the home, but also create a natural state for the home environment. To a certain extent, some flowers and plants can adjust the attributes of the living environment. According to the research of geomancy, we can choose suitable flowers and plants to adjust the whole geomancy problem. Using flowers and plants as geomancy ornaments has become popular and accepted by people A kind of geomancy ornament.

Golden Toad

Toad is a symbol of wealth. It is mainly used for the families of some business people and can make the whole living environment reveal wealth. Golden Toad is also a kind of higher animal, so it can also show the booming quality of life and wealth. Golden Toad has effectively regulated the money atmosphere of people's life, played a certain role in decoration, and created a unique living environment!

Fish tank placement

Many people like to put fish tanks on TV cabinets, but there are also some knowledge about the placement of fish tanks. The fish tank shall be placed on the side of the cabinet head close to the window, and the area of the fish tank shall not be too large, and it is appropriate to start with a rectangle. In the selection of fish species, it also has an impact on *, like dragon spitting beads, fish body is like a sharp blade, and its character is relatively fierce. Generally, it can be used to attack evil, and it has a considerable effect on the enhancement of wealth.

Collocation principle of TV cabinet in living room

1. According to the style matching, first determine the decoration style of your home. The common style of home decoration is Chinese style, European style, Nordic style, modern style and Korean style. Choose the most appropriate TV cabinet decoration according to different living room styles, so it will look more harmonious and natural.

2. If your living room is of Chinese style, you can choose some Chinese style stationery on the living room TV cabinet. For example, blue and white porcelain vase, Chinese Jade Butterfly porcelain, folding fan or birdcage. These decorations all have strong Chinese style elements, which can make the space more elegant and elegant, full of charm.

3. If it's European style, what decorations are suitable for the TV cabinet in the living room? The general layout of European style living room is gorgeous, exquisite and elegant, often creating a strong romantic atmosphere. So we should pay more attention to the details. Generally speaking, European style iron vases are easy to produce effects and will not make mistakes. It is better to choose European style vases with elegant lines and retro shapes. In addition, it can also be matched with some iron ornaments, such as iron candlesticks and small iron toys.

4. According to the color matching, the living room TV cabinet is suitable for decoration, which needs to consider the color of the home. In short, the style of home decoration can be divided into warm color and cold color. Different colors have different matching skills when choosing decorations.

5. The warm tone home decoration style mostly adopts warm * and red tone furniture. The color of some decorations on the TV cabinet should reflect the whole space. For example, golden metal ornaments and colorful vases can make the whole space more harmonious.

6. The furniture of gray, black and white is often used in the cool color of home. In order to avoid too monotonous color, the TV cabinet can be decorated with more colorful small ornaments. Such as black, white, red three color match is very attractive, and will not make people feel too abrupt.