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How to clean nail stains on sheets and how to clean them?

Sihaiwang: in life, there are always many people doing all kinds of things in bed, so that they will get all kinds of stains on the bed sheets, which is extremely difficult to deal with. So if you accidentally get the ink on the sheet. How to clean the bed sheet with ink? Below might as well and small make up understand next!

How to wash the nail polish with 1 sheets and wash the nail polish?

We all know that nail polish remover is used to clean fingernails and nail polish products. In fact, nail polish can also be used to clean sheets. First use the nail polish to clean the local nail polish stains on the sheets, then put the sheets into the washing machine and clean them according to the normal cleaning way, so that nail polish stains can be easily removed.

2. Refrigerator freezing

The nail sheet is sealed with the nail sheet and sealed in the bag, and then put into the fridge freezer. Low temperature can quickly solidify nail polish, and nail polish will naturally fall off the sheets after freezing. This is also a good way to deal with it.

3, alcohol

Alcohol can also be used to remove nail polish stains. Similar substances will dissolve, nail polish and alcohol all contain -OH; alcohol and nail polish are also similar to -OH, so they can remove nail polish. Use a cotton swab to dip a little alcohol, wipe the nail polish on the sheets with alcohol, then put the sheets into the washing machine and clean them according to the routine cleaning method.

4. Decapitation towel

The nail towel is a common tool for body discharge in life. The nail can be used to help clean the sheets. The cleaning operation is the same as washing the nail polish. First, wipe the nail polish on the sheets with the nail polish water, then do regular cleaning.

How to use the nail remover: open the seal, take out the wet towel, and tighten the seal in time to avoid air drying. Apply the wet towel to the nail and gently press it for 5-60 seconds (the time required for the thickness of nail polish to be different) and then gently wipe it from the root of the nail to the fingertip.

5. Flower dew

Scrub some of the nail polish on the sheets with some drops of toilet water. The principle is similar to that of alcohol. The flower water contains alcohol, which makes it an organic solvent, so they can remove nail polish.

Ink on the sheet must be dealt with as soon as possible

The ink on the bed sheet must be dealt with as soon as possible, because once the ink stains solidify, they become very stubborn and difficult to remove. Just stained with ink, take a tissue and press it on the sheet for a few seconds. Don't 'smear' and wipe, it will only spread the ink. How much paper towel can absorb the ink on the bed sheet that is not dry, so that the stain is not so obvious, and easier to remove after work.

How to clean the sheet with ink

The main components of ink are bone glue and carbon black. The ink will only be on the surface of the bed sheet when it gets on. It's easy to dissolve in water. It's recommended to use rice to smear on the dirty place, then rub it repeatedly, and finally clean it with water. Because starch in rice can absorb ink.

2, milk

The ink mark on the milk cleaning bed sheet uses the effect of agglomeration to remove stains. Just put the milk on the place with ink mark, and then rub it repeatedly. Because milk is a kind of suspension, the ink will diffuse when it is added to the water, and it will break the milk when it is added to the milk, resulting in flocculation.

Or tap the ink on the clothes with a paper towel, then soak the stains in milk for half an hour, and clean as usual. Warm milk is also available. Heat the milk slightly to a warm state, pour it into a proper container, and soak the stains on the clothes in the warm milk as soon as possible. Wash after soaking and then wash as usual.

3. Color bleaching agent

If you accidentally get ink marks on the color bed sheet, you can use color bleaching to help the bed sheet clean. Color bleaching can help the bed sheet to remove ink marks without damaging the original background color of the bed sheet, which is a better way to remove the marks.

4. Bleach

If it's a white sheet with ink imprint, it can be cleaned with bleaching agent. The bleaching agent has super bleaching and reducibility, which can help the white sheet recover its original color.

5, toothpaste

When the bedspread is stained with ink, first apply the toothpaste to the place stained with ink, then wash it with clean water (no need to wash the toothpaste, just add some water for washing), then add washing powder to wash it again, and finally wash it with clean water again.

6 glycerin

First, soak the ink stained place with water, then rub it with washing powder or detergent, then apply a layer of glycerin, and then fully combine the glycerin with the ink stained place, and then wash it with warm soapy water.

What to do with ink

When the bedspread is stained with ink to wipe, sometimes it accidentally gets on the hand. Then, what should we do when the ink gets on the hand?

1. Rice soup + hand sanitizer

Get the ink on your hand, use boiled rice soup to smear it on the place with ink on your hand, wait for a moment, then scrub it with washing liquid, and finally rinse it with water. This method also needs to be repeated many times to completely wash out the ink, and the material preparation required is more troublesome.

2. Makeup remover + hand sanitizer

It is also a way to clean the ink on your hands with makeup remover. First, apply the makeup remover to the place with ink on the hand, rub it for 2 minutes, then add the hand sanitizer to wash it, and finally rinse it with water. Repeated cleaning several times can clean the ink on your hand.

3. Aeolian essence + wet towel

You can also try the combination of essential oil and wipes to remove ink. First, apply the essential oil to the place stained with ink for scrubbing, and then wipe with a wet towel. After several repetitions, the ink can be washed off. There is no harm in this method except that it will smell of essential oil.