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What's the story of the fifth personality new map "Hujing village" new map "Hujing village" "the fifth personality" recently exposed a new map "Hujing village". What mysterious events happened in this once beautiful village? Let's take you to explore for the first time to understand the story. It used to be famous for its beautiful lake scenery and interesting stone beach, but a hurricane turned it into a place of terror that everyone could not avoid.

What's the story of the fifth personality new map, Hujing village, new map, Hujing Village

The hurricane raided the thatched cottage

On a cold winter night, the hurricane raided the mountain area near Hujing village. The tornado threw the hunter on the mountain into the lake. He swam hard to the shore, but found that the village was no longer the same as before. In the dim moonlight, the thatched cottage was shaking, and the hunters did not see the bustling crowd or even detect any sign of life. He found a fire burning in the distance, but when he got close to it, he saw only a pot of burnt stew. The stew had disappeared without trace. The warm and lively thatched houses in Hujing village have been replaced by the silence of death.

To the public, the villagers disappeared

The experienced hunter spent a lot of time in the forest. All he saw along the way in the lake view village were abandoned boats and unattended fishing gear cabins. The hunter tried his best to keep calm and finally walked out of the village with tenacious willpower. In order to understand what happened in Hujing village, the hunter publicized the news he saw. At this time, the villagers nearby suddenly realized the real reason why the villagers in Hujing village no longer participate in the market. No one knows where they have gone, and no one wants to step into this unknown village again.

A different experience of the horror village shrouded in clouds

Different from the Gothic architectural style of the mysterious manor and the red church, Jinghu village in the new scene of the fifth personality will present more 'outdoor fear' to the players. After you enter the lake view village, the originally bustling wharf is now full of waste ships and crows. It seems that what drives out here is no longer hope, but endless darkness. There are still windmills turning slowly in the wheat field, and weeds are growing wantonly in the field. Only the farthest escape door flashes a little weak light, indicating the last and slim chance of survival.

Lost villagers, lost villages. Pay attention to the version update of the fifth personality, enter the Lakeview village at the same time, and uncover the truth behind the mystery!