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What's the reason why air conditioning is more energy-efficient for heating and cooling

Sihai network: air conditioning is a household appliance that can be cooled or heated. How many people have thought about the electricity consumption of air conditioning heating and refrigeration? When we use air conditioning, we use more cooling in summer. In fact, the electricity cost of heating is more than that of refrigeration. What's the reason? Come and have a look.

What's the reason why air conditioning is more energy-efficient for heating and cooling

Which is the charge of heating and cooling in air conditioning

Air conditioning heating costs more electricity. In summer, when the air conditioning temperature reaches 26 ℃, and in winter, when the air conditioning temperature reaches 20 ℃, the power consumption of heating is about 30% more than that of refrigeration. The electricity cost of heating air conditioner in winter is higher than that in summer.

The reason why the heating rate of air conditioning is higher than that of refrigeration

1. Large temperature difference between heating and cooling

When the weather is hot in summer, the indoor temperature is about 35 degrees at most. We can feel very comfortable just by adjusting the air conditioning temperature to about 28 degrees. At this time, the air conditioning only cools the temperature difference of 7 degrees. In winter, the outdoor temperature will be lower than 0 ° C, and the indoor temperature will be 5 ° C at most. When the air conditioner is turned on for heating, we should set the temperature value at least around 20 ° C so as not to feel cold. At this time, the heating temperature difference is as high as 17 & deg;. Also consider the problem of heat loss. In many cases, it will be set at 25 degrees. The temperature difference between the two groups: 7 degrees and 15 degrees. It is obvious that the heat difference required for heating is larger than the heat difference for cooling, so the power consumption is also higher.

2. Auxiliary heating by electric heating wire

When the heating capacity of air-conditioner is below 0-deg., the heating capacity of air-conditioner will decrease. When the heating capacity of ordinary air-conditioner is below - 5-deg., there is almost no heating effect. The variable frequency air conditioner can work normally within - 15 & deg.; and can't work normally at any lower level. So many air conditioners are equipped with electric heating auxiliary in heating function, and the electric heating wire is installed inside the air conditioner, just like the heater, the heating effect of the two methods together will be better. In this way, the electric auxiliary heating will consume extra power, which makes the heating of air conditioning consume more power than that of refrigeration.

3. Air conditioning defrosting

The main air conditioner is usually placed outdoors. When the outdoor temperature is lower than 0 ℃ in winter, the surface of the external air conditioner often frosts, or even is difficult to start. At this time, the main air conditioner will consume part of the electricity to defrost. In summer, there is no trouble of frosting. When defrosting, it also increases the power consumption of air conditioning heating.

How to save electricity in heating of air conditioner

1. Summer comes and winter comes. According to the different seasons, change the blowing direction of leaves. According to the principle that the hot air is lighter than the cold air, the air is hotter in summer, the air conditioner blows against it, then the cold air flows down naturally, cooling and saving power. In winter, the indoor air is colder, the hot air flows down, and the heating speed is faster.

2. After the air conditioner is turned off, it's better to remove the plug and plug it in when you turn it on. Because the standby of the air conditioner also needs power support, a certain amount of power will be consumed when the air conditioner is turned off, although the power consumption is small.

3. Do not pile up sundries at the air outlet. Large furniture is easy to block the heat dissipation. The air outlet design should be reasonable.

4. Select air conditioner according to indoor area. If the air conditioning power is small, it will cause the machine to run for a long time, which may affect the service life of the air conditioning, and also more power consumption.

5. It is better to close the doors and windows when opening the air conditioner. Increase the thermal insulation of the room, so that the cold air outside will not enter, and the hot air inside will not be lost. The room temperature is not easy to drop, but it is still necessary to pay attention to regular ventilation.

6. Turn off the air conditioner in advance. You can turn off the air conditioner ten minutes before you leave home, which will not affect the indoor temperature. Generally, the room temperature can be maintained for about 15 minutes.