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What kind of medicine is the most effective way to treat nails

Four seas network: a popular sentence on the Internet, got gray nails, an infection two. Grey nail is a very difficult disease to treat. Due to bacterial infection, life is greatly affected. Next, let's see what medicine is the most effective for greyish nails.

What medicine is the most effective for grey nails

Glacial acetic acid, the hottest nail coating in Huashan Hospital Clinic

Before that, the nails of big mother's feet became white, and the empty ones were all white dregs. One quarter of the nails were gone when they were all cut off.

At the beginning, I didn't care about it. The white area behind it is getting larger and larger. Only after checking the Internet can I know it's fungal infection of nails, commonly known as gray nails.

Then I went to the drugstore to buy the shining armour. It took me several boxes for about three or four months. My left foot is ready, but my right foot is not yet ready. Then I found the medicine on Xiaohong. After running many drugstores, I also found the medicine that I didn't sell on the Internet,

Later, I went to the dermatology department of Huashan Hospital and arranged for more than 200 numbers. I spent 22 yuan to buy this medicine in the afternoon. I'm very tired. There are not many people in Huashan Hospital. I suggest that my sister in the past try to register as early as possible.

Causes of grey nails

1. Chronic trauma.

If we don't pay attention to the chronic trauma, if the nail is injured or impacted, it is easy for fungi to invade, and it will become gray nail, which is the cause of gray nail.

2. Poor diet and living habits.

Malnutrition, some improper habits of individuals, such as biting nails, tearing off 'barbs', not paying attention to personal hygiene and so on, are also the causes of gray nails.

3. Dampness and trauma.

Healthy nails are not susceptible to onychomycosis. While in humid environment and often injured nails are susceptible to fungal infection.

4. There's another possibility

It is the thing that often contacts the patient of grey fingernail, may be infected with grey fingernail, and it is also the reason why grey fingernail cannot be ignored.

5. Improper manicure for women.

Misuse of nail polish can also be a cause of onychomycosis. The chemical composition of nail polish will damage the deck. Regular manicure and frequent nail polish removal will cause great damage to the deck, making it easier for onychomycosis to invade.

Treatment of nail on foot

1. Surgical nail removal

Suitable for single nail, under local anesthesia, remove the affected nail. This method is easy to cause infection due to large wound and bleeding. Generally, it will feel more pain after operation, and it is easy to reinfect and recur, which is less used in clinic. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other patients should not be operated.

2. Internal medicine: suitable for multiple toenails.

But because this kind of medicine must reach the deck where the fungus is parasitic to play the antibacterial role, the dosage is large, the medication time is long, and the damage to the liver is some big, the adverse drug reactions are usually monitored regularly.

3. External therapy:

According to the different agents, the main methods of local coating and package cutting are as follows.

(1) Use a nail file (non professionals should avoid using a blade to avoid bleeding and other diseases) to thin the irregular damaged nail. The thinner the nail is, the better it will not hurt. It is better to polish the nail once every two days.

(2) 30% glacial acetic acid or 10% glacial acetic acid, once a day, lasting for more than 6-9 months. If you thin the diseased nail with a grinding file before applying the medicine, the effect will be better. Protect the skin around the nail with mild ointment before applying.

(3) Local application of antifungal agents such as bertotti was selected. A slight course of treatment can be cured. If it is serious, the treatment cycle can be cured in 4 months!