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NBA rockets vs warriors start in the fourth quarter

NBA rockets vs warriors start in the fourth quarter on May 15, Beijing time, the 2017-18 NBA playoffs continue. Houston Rockets host the first game of the western finals with Golden State Warriors. After half-time, the two sides drew 56.

In the first quarter, there was a strong smell of gunpowder. Durant was served by Capella's big cap to cover the sky for a breakthrough. After Hardon got a layup, he was pushed maliciously by dream chasing green, who ate the technical offender. Seize the chaos of the opening, Hadden even 9 points, rockets 9-2 lead.

But after that, the warriors held their ground, and Tang Shen, Kuri and Durant cut points continuously, and the difference was reduced to one point. Gordon, harden three points again, the emperor's inside line eat two cakes, the rockets and leading 9 points. Unfortunately, harden was injured in a confrontation and fell to the ground, then sat back on the bench.

On Durant's point, the Rockets have no way to limit it. Du Shao continues to make accurate shots, scoring 13 points in a single quarter. After the first quarter, warriors fell behind 29-30.

In the second quarter, the two sides fell into the defensive wear-out war, the warrior's efficiency was slightly higher, West and green played cross cut cooperation, Nick Young also scored three points, the visiting team achieved anti super. On the Rockets side, Paul and Ariza scored three points to help the home team stop bleeding. However, after the rocket game, Curie got a layup in reverse, and the warriors once led by 7 points.

In the passive, Capella stands out first, he chases after Curie to send out the cap. After that, Hardon found the inspiration of attack, his breakthrough layup, his connection with Capella, and his three-point backward step worked. At the end of this section, harden twice buckled the audience's passion and scored 24 points in the half. But soon, Nick Young responded three points. After half-time, the two sides drew 56.

Now that the third quarter is over, the game is still very fierce. Both sides are coming and going. The Rockets are temporarily behind. I don't know what the Rockets fans think! But the score is not much different. It is not known who the final victory belongs to!

Now the fourth quarter starts! The most critical moment is here! For the time being, the Rockets are still behind warriors. Can harden take the lead in this game?