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What to do when buying big summer sandals

It's summer, and it's the season to wear sandals. A pair of nice sandals is necessary in hot summer. But if the sandals are big, it means they are not comfortable to wear. So what if we buy big sandals? How do sandals open glue easily? How to match sandals? May as well and small make up together understand next!

What to do when the sandals are big

Buy a transparent forefoot insole pad, which can make the shoes smaller. It also has the effect of anti-skid. Silica gel transparent heel pad is placed on the back of the shoes, which will not wear or empty. It will also make the sandals more stable~

Fasten the tie wrap

Now there are many sandals with lace up style, super temperament. If it's this style of sandals, it's better to tie the lace up a bit~

How to choose the right tightness for sandals

The tightness of sandals will not only affect the comfort of wearing, but also affect the beauty of wearing. So don't buy smaller sandals because you're afraid of buying bigger ones. Think about it. If you wear too tight sandals, the blood vessels on your feet will protrude. It's basically a farewell to fashion~

Choose the right heel height and heel shape

When choosing sandals, be sure to pay attention to heel shape and heel height! In fact, it's not 'hateful high' that makes them beautiful. In daily life, flat heels are the best and the most comfortable. High heels are not only inconvenient to walk, but also easy to sprain~

The thickness of the strap

Although more popular now tie sandals, but too narrow tie is not good for the foot in fact ~ it is easy to cause excessive friction with the foot to cause foot abrasion! It's easy to break! The simplest sandals are actually the best. Sports sandals are a good choice in summer~

Sandals material

Wearing rough sandals for a long time may cause redness, swelling and itching of the feet. So when choosing shoes, please pay attention to the material. It's better to buy them in a physical store, so you can see the quality~

How to use the soft glue to mend shoes

Before using this method, you need to dry your shoes. Try not to keep water in your sandals. In addition, this method is not suitable for rainy weather~

Then use sandpaper to polish. Be sure to remove the previous glue! In this way, it can stick more firmly. After polishing, clean up the sand on it~

Then you can start to apply glue ~ both sides need to apply glue! Just a thin layer! Don't think the more, the stronger! It's not like that!

After applying the glue, it needs to be placed. Wait for about 10 minutes. At this time, turn the glue brush back. This will make the glue dry more fully~

After 10 minutes, you can use a blower to heat the glue. It's better to control the temperature for another 60 ℃ ~ then keep heating for a minute ~ then press and wait for a minute. Then use a rubber band or something to hold it in place and wait a day~

It should be noted that after sticking, do not break it by hand, otherwise it is very easy to degumme. Generally, after 24 hours, the shoes are very firm.

With 502 sticky

This should be a very familiar product. It can be said to be all-purpose glue. Although it's very convenient, it's not recommended to use it. Because it will hurt shoes. If it's sandals with high price, it's better to use professional glue. If it's ordinary sandals, it's easier to use this method than old ones~

First of all, keep the sandals dry like the previous method, and then wipe the dust clean. It is better to put a cloth on the ground before operation, so as to avoid the glue water dripping on the ground~

Then you can stick the shoes. Put 502 glue directly on the opening place, and press it on both sides of the opening with your hands to keep the opening place closed. 502 it's a quick drying meeting, but in order to ensure that it's not easy to glue, it's better to put it on for a day after gluing~

Find a shoe repair shop

If it's a new shoe that doesn't glue for a long time and the price is very high, don't make a fool of yourself. It's better to find a professional to repair it. Otherwise, if you don't handle it properly, you will feel more heartache~

What's the best way to glue the shoes

Just mentioned that 502 shoes are not recommended. There should be many people who know that 502 shoes cannot be used. Resin glue is the best choice, of course, there are dozens of resin glue. For example, some people will buy neoprene, which is light yellow, and need to add curing agent, but in fact, the shoes will be brittle after sticking! Not good.

In fact, you don't have to find it yourself. There are a lot of shoe glue on the market now. You can ask the salesperson. The general shoe glue is used for shoes, so it's OK. Just use it according to the above method~

How to match sandals

Finally, let's take a look at some collocations~