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Yu'ebao announced that the daily quick withdrawal limit would be reduced to 10000 yuan from June 6 on the evening of May 14, yu'ebao issued a notice. From June 6, it will adjust the amount of quick receipt on the day of transfer out to the bank card - from 50000 yuan to 10000 yuan per day, and the general service of transfer out to the bank card (the amount of receipt on the next trading day) and consumption payment will not be affected. Why is Alipay doing this? What is the effect of interest reduction on our money in yu'ebao?

The so-called quick receipt on the day when yu'ebao is transferred out to the bank card refers to that the user redeems the money fund shares to the bank card through the quick receipt service, and can get to the account within 2 hours on the same day, if fast.

In March this year, it was reported that the regulatory authorities held a closed door meeting for the monetary fund, in which the content discussed was that the daily quick redemption limit of a single account was limited to 10000 yuan.

Yu'ebao said that the above adjustment is a decision made by yu'ebao after negotiation with three fund companies on the platform. The adjustment 'reflects the essence of yu'ebao's small and decentralized cash management', and 'will take the initiative in risk management as always to provide users with safe and convenient services. '

In order to further reduce the pressure of too fast growth of single fund scale of Tianhong fund and reduce the risk of high concentration of single monetary fund as a whole, yu'ebao was upgraded at zero on May 4. On the basis of only Tianhong fund, it was newly connected to two monetary fund products of China Europe Fund and Boshi fund company, i.e., "China Europe roll money treasure currency a" and "Boshi cash income currency a" Only after the money fund goes online, all functions of yu'ebao can be copied with one click.

According to the data released by Tianhong fund, by the end of 2017, yuyubao had 474 million holders, of which more than 99% were individual investors with a per capita holding amount of 3329.57 yuan.

Since May 2017, Tianhong fund has initiated a series of active adjustments to the subscription and retention quota of yu'ebao. At present, the upper limit of yu'ebao's personal trading account is 100000 yuan, and the daily purchase limit is 20000 yuan.

In addition, since February 1, 2018, yu'ebao has set the total amount of daily subscription, that is, when the actual subscription reaches the set limit on a single day, the subscription application will not be accepted on that day, and the daily subscription limit will be set dynamically according to the fund subscription and redemption situation, and the implementation period will be adjusted periodically according to the fund operation situation.