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The reason why the dehumidifier doesn't produce water

Four seas network: people in the environment of high humidity for a long time do great harm to their health, especially in the south. The humidity is very large, so the South will use dehumidifier to carry out dehumidification work, but sometimes it will be found that there is no water in dehumidifier. Usually there will be water dripping out. Let's understand the reason why the dehumidifier doesn't produce water drops!

The reason why the dehumidifier doesn't produce water

1. Indoor humidity is not high

If the indoor humidity is not very high and it is relatively dry, if you use the dehumidifier, it will not be dehumidified. This is that the dehumidifier will not work basically, so there will be no water drops.

2. Humidity not set correctly

If the humidity set by the dehumidifier is too high, the set humidity is already greater than the current humidity, so the dehumidifier will not start at all. This is not due to machine failure, but to improper use.

3. Overload operation of machinery and equipment

It is not the problem of the machine itself that the internal temperature of the machine is too high, which leads to the high temperature protection of the machine itself. Just press the high temperature protection button inside the dehumidifier to recover.


4. Dehumidifier quality control board burned out

This situation is not difficult to solve. Just report to the sales staff at that time. As long as your dehumidifier is under warranty, they will replace the control board for free, so that the machine can operate normally.

5. Compressor burned out

If the compressor is broken, it will be more difficult to do, and the maintenance costs will be higher, so the compressor needs to be replaced. This situation can be determined according to the use time of the machine. If the machine is used for a long time, you can choose to replace the equipment, because the cost of the compressor is relatively expensive, and many electronic components in the machine have been aging for a long time. Even if the maintenance is completed, it will be It's not as good as replacing the equipment if there are always problems.

6. Refrigerant leakage

Open the cover of the dehumidifier and observe whether there is any oily substance around the compressor to judge. If it is because of the leakage of refrigerant, weld the leaking place before adding refrigerant. In this way, it can be used normally.

In the environment of high humidity, it is very bad for human body, so dehumidifier will be used for dehumidification, but sometimes it will be found that there is no water in dehumidifier.

Precautions for use of dehumidifier

Cleaning should be done well

It is necessary to clean the radiator of outdoor unit regularly, so as to improve the heat exchange coefficient and heat exchange efficiency, and improve the working efficiency of dehumidifier. If possible, cleaning the filter screen of dehumidifier regularly can not only improve the dust removal effect of household dehumidifier, but also improve the indoor air quality.

Set appropriate humidity

Because the humidity difference between indoor and outdoor is relatively large, when using household dehumidifier, you should set the humidity you like according to your feeling of humidity, the number of people in the space, the size of the space and other actual conditions. If the humidity is set too low, the moisture diffusion is fast, which will lead to frequent startup and shutdown of the dehumidifier, which is very power consumption, and will affect the life of the dehumidifier.

Replace parts regularly

After long-term use, the electrical circuit and control elements in the dehumidifier unit will be aged to different degrees. In order to prevent unnecessary injury to the unit and human body, it is necessary for professionals to repair, replace the old elements, supplement the refrigerant, and keep the household dehumidifier in the best working condition.

Protection measures should be taken

The winter in the south is also wet. If the dehumidifier is not used for a long time, a protective cover should be used to cover the dehumidifier to avoid the sun, rain and dust deposition, so as to reduce the future cleaning and maintenance.