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It's really good for our country. It's good for our country

Since its release, the documentary film "fierce, our country" has received praise from people of all walks of life and ethnic groups. The film describes the changes and achievements China has made in recent years, which makes us feel extremely proud and proud and strive for a strong motherland. Now I have some impressions. Let's study together.

1、 What's behind "awesome, my country"

As a CSCEC person, I have been looking forward to the upcoming documentary "fierce, our country". I have seen the "brilliant China" series before, and I am deeply encouraged by the ever-changing changes of the motherland and the spirit of standing forever in the tide. The director of the office of the project department has ordered the ticket for the No. 3 Movie early. All the staff are in high spirits and are baptized by the strength of the motherland again.

In the film, it is mentioned that Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge can overcome difficulties forever and Tianyan engineering world exclamation. Actually, it is closely related to our specialty. At the same time, engineering construction often encounters many problems in daily work. The construction of super long span steel structure, super high-rise building, super large scale simulation cave landscape, etc. tests us and exercises our ability to overcome difficulties We dare to fight character. It's not terrible to encounter difficulties. Relying on our solid foundation and advanced experience in China Construction Group, we always have difficulties in customer service.

Through the super great projects such as Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Humaling tunnel, Zhengzhou Wanzhou railway, Fuxing railway, Shanghai Yangshan Port automation terminal, China Mobile Internet, let's have a taste of how the great network of China's infrastructure construction, represented by China's high-speed rail, weaves up the territory of the people's hope for happiness and beauty From the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The sense of gain brought about by the "dream project" reflects the belief of the people, the hope of the nation and the strength of the country.

2、 Impressions of "the Great China"

Before the release of "fierce, my country", I had collected information related to movies on the Internet for many times, trying to feel the great changes of our country in the past five years through different visual angles. Yesterday, I finally got my wish to watch the documentary film with my friends.

"Fierce, our country" concentrates the rapid development of China in the past five years. China bridge, China Road, China car, China port and China net are all extraordinary super projects, leading a new era of power. A picture of Chinese painting tells the efforts of every ordinary person. Western development, Northeast revitalization; central rise, East first; GDP growth rate ranks first in the world; the total number of blue whale 2, Jiaolong and national screens ranks first in the world; the world's largest basic medical security network; 173 Poverty Alleviation Policies; the world's largest radio telescope fast; the world's largest total mileage of highway network hellip; hellip; has a splendid history and a long history The Chinese nation has been through the storm, and now shows its own style to the world with a high attitude.

In addition to the exciting documentary scenes, the film also combines these brilliant achievements with the stories behind the relevant figures. With the vivid characters such as the chief engineer of the Zhuhai Hong Kong Macao Bridge, the film tells in-depth and detailed the painstaking efforts and sweat of the builders behind these great achievements, which truly reflects the people's efforts to roll up their sleeves in various industries and fields, to work hard to build the good fortune Every bit of the happy life fully shows the great struggle of the Chinese people on the construction journey. It is great because of its ordinary simplicity and moving because of its true feelings.

"Let's work hard together to relay, let's sow hope and cultivate the land together. We are confident, we move forward and see the Chinese people move towards a new world. "With melodious melody, at the end of the film, the screen shot across the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, one by one super project, the moving pictures of overseas Chinese, and the happy smile of the children of all ethnic groups of the Chinese nation working together Yang also shows the future of the Chinese nation's rejuvenation

There is a kind of blessing called hello to the motherland, a kind of pride called elation, an effort called hard work, a dream called great rejuvenation. In a better era and a historical opportunity, let's work together and forge ahead!

3、 Impressions of the movie "awesome, my country"

Today is the Lantern Festival! On the first day of the celebration of the new year, I had the honor to watch the premiere of the movie "awesome, my country". On such a special day, it is of great significance for Party branch members of the unit to watch such a movie. "Awesome, my country" is undoubtedly the "foundation film" at the beginning of the 19th National Congress and the "gift film" of the upcoming two sessions.

This is an hour and a half documentary, which records the brilliant achievements of our party in scientific and technological development, economic construction, technological research, national defense construction, military construction, green environmental protection, poverty alleviation, domestic and foreign affairs since the 18th National Congress. After watching it, people's hearts will be stirred. The film has played an enlightening role in promoting positive energy! Now the feelings of watching movies are summarized as follows:

The documentary film "fierce, China" not only records the extraordinary super projects of China bridge, China Road, China car, China port, China net, etc., but also shows the milestone scientific research achievements of the largest radio telescope fast in human history, the world's largest offshore drilling platform "blue whale 2", the research and development of maglev train, 5g technology, etc., leading people to a new era 。 Western development, Northeast revitalization; central rise, East first; GDP growth rate ranks first in the world; the total number of blue whale 2, Jiaolong and national screens ranks first in the world; the world's largest basic medical security network; 173 Poverty Alleviation Policies; the world's largest radio telescope fast; the world's largest total mileage of highway network hellip; hellip; these are not alone figures and concepts Read, but the epitome of our lives, can be seen in the documentary film "awesome, my country", just as I am telling a wonderful experience in the past five years, and I feel it from time to time.

The documentary film "fierce, my country" tells the splendid traces and the Chinese stories behind it in five years. It is absolutely memorable and has a strong flavor of countless treasures. In the second half of the documentary film "fierce, my country", the Chinese story tells a successful description of the big from the small, and the feelings of home and country reach the soul. For example, from the perspective of "small family", it tells about the life changes of ordinary people. This includes the living conditions of poverty alleviation workers at the grass-roots level, the three generations of Bashang people who built the largest artificial forest in the world, the health administrators who do a good job in household work and the powerful teachers who protect the country, etc., which vividly records the outstanding achievements in poverty alleviation, ecological civilization construction, medical security, national security system and other aspects in China, all of which are moving You and I are shaking the world.

After watching "fierce, my country", I feel that there is a stream of blood flowing in my body, a kind of spirit surging in my body, and a kind of vitality germinating in my heart. Isn't that a positive energy?

Look at the young people who are engaged in the aerospace industry, the researchers who are engaged in the research of sound and optoelectronics, the craftsmen who are pouring their sweat on the high-speed rail, ships and large airplanes, and the noble and upright spirit who are willing to devote their blood and sacrifice to the nation. This is the soul of our nation and our country for thousands of years!

The movie "national soul" tells the story of Wen Tianxiang, Huang Jiguang, Fang Zhimin and Lin Zexu, Liu Hulan, Deng Shichang, Dong sarui and Lei Feng, General Yang Jingyu in Northeast China's Anti Japanese War era, the fighting gangster and heroic hero Yang Jingyu in the heyday of peace. It was the revolutionary martyrs who exchanged their blood for our happy life today.

After watching this movie, my heart seems to have knocked over the five taste bottle, which is sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and full of five tastes. Bitterly, I hate the fact that imperialism almost made China suffer the shame of subjugation; sweetly, I exchanged many young people and blood for the beautiful and lovely China now. In the long history of our country, there are many revolutionary predecessors who have been fighting bravely, throwing their heads and blood to save the suffering motherland and fighting in the battlefield. Yes, it is because the Chinese revolution has these heroic ancestors that the motherland will prosper; it is because the revolutionary ancestors have given their youth and lives that the motherland will prosper. Although your lives have ended, your lofty communist ideals, beliefs, morals and sentiments will be carried forward in our youth generation, and your indelible heroic image will live in our hearts forever. In the same era, however, there are other people who pursue money and power, are obsessed with eating, drinking and playing, and even engage in activities that harm the country and the people and benefit themselves at the expense of others in order to meet their so-called happy life. The stench they emit pollutes the air of the new era.

4、 My China

--Reflections on brilliant China

On the occasion of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is quite touching to watch brilliant China and record it in writing. Six episodes of documentaries, i.e. dream project, innovation and vitality, coordinated development, green home, sharing a well-off life and opening up China, narrated the progress and development of China in recent years, and the extension of the thought of the Chinese dream since General Secretary Xi took over.

From the first concentration of the dream project, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge has been opened to the public, and the overall situation of the country has been quietly presented. The blueprint of China's rise described by Comrade Sun Yat sen in 1866 has been transcended one by one. It is still remembered that Premier Zhou once said "strive for the rise of China". What our party wants to build is the top strong China and the top strong nation. However, what surprises me most is the handling capacity of our port throughput. As a logistics management graduate, he can understand what these means. Once the throughput of a port exists driven by an international trade zone, it will bring incredible benefits to both the country and the people. The project of the country is beneficial to the country and the people, which has done great harm to our country!

Since our party came into power, we have developed the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and developed the road with our own characteristics with the strength of one country. It is gradually found that we and the country have grown up. As a Pingtan man, although he is a Fuzhou man, 10 years ago, I thought that Fuzhou needed 4-5 hours by car and boat, but when I came back from college, the time was shortened to 1.5 hours; from a small bus to a variety of household cars, there was no ferry, although I knew my parents, brothers and sisters were waiting for me at the end of the journey, but since then, The changes in front of me have started to catch me off guard.

Looking back, both my friends and I have changed several mobile phone products in recent years. From a big Nokia to apple, to today's Huawei millet and many other famous domestic mobile phone brands, made in China is gradually accepted by more and more people. At the same time in the network