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A family of three formaldehyde poisoning culprit is actually the collection of formaldehyde poisonin

reading can enhance people's cultivation and enrich their knowledge, but to Ms. Tao's surprise, these books have brought them a disaster. Since the second half of last year, three members of Ms. Tao's family have had different symptoms. It turns out that the collection of tens of thousands of books at home actually caused formaldehyde poisoning to three people. What's the matter?

'not only do I cough, but also my husband. Children have rhinitis. 'said Ms. Tao. A family of three went to the hospital immediately for examination, but after seeing a lot of money, they still couldn't find out the reason.

Ms. Tao's family is very distressed because they spend money and have no effect. After many inquiries, Ms. Tao found that all this may be related to the environment at home. Ms. Tao took a look at the website and said that formaldehyde may also cause coughing. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Can formaldehyde poisoning leukaemia cause leukaemia?

Formaldehyde is very harmful to human body, and widely exists in all kinds of decoration materials. This kind of gas with pungent smell will lead to the occurrence of leukemia. The decoration of the house is inseparable from all kinds of decoration materials, which mostly contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is emitted in the indoor air. If people are placed in such an environment for a long time, they will be hurt.

If the formaldehyde concentration in your room is high, there will be a lot of irritating smell. If you live in it for a long time, it can cause tears, dizziness, headache, fatigue, blurred vision and other symptoms. The examination shows that conjunctiva and pharynx are obviously congested, and some patients' auscultation breath sounds are rough. Can formaldehyde poisoning cause leukaemia? If you live in a decorated house within 3 months, it is very easy to cause harm to children. Formaldehyde used in decoration materials is an important inducement of leukemia in children. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

What symptom does inchoate leukaemia have?

(1) anemia occurs due to the reduction of mature red blood cells, which can be manifested as dizziness, fatigue, palpitation, pale complexion, etc.

(2) due to the decrease of normal mature leukocytes (mainly granulocytes), the ability of anti infection decreased, and fever or infection symptoms appeared repeatedly.

(3) due to the decrease of mature platelets, there is a tendency of spontaneous bleeding in the skin mucosa area. Such as spontaneous bleeding in the nasal mucosa and gingival area; bleeding from tooth extraction or other wounds is not easy to stop; ecchymosis and bleeding spots appear on the skin; menstruation of female patients increases and menstruation prolongs; a small number of patients may have gastrointestinal bleeding such as black stool, blood in stool and blood in the fundus or intracranial hemorrhage.

Formaldehyde poisoning can induce leukaemia, although many scholars think it is not very likely, but we still live in after finishing the house decoration for a while, so formaldehyde will do less harm to the body.