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Does the effect of Japanese foot gas water really work

Four seas network: Japan's beriberi water in China can be said to be a net red product, the fire is out of stock. It's a very good medicine for treating beriberi and grey nails in Japan. It's an old brand in Japan, with a high popularity. But it's a pity that pregnant women can't use it. It contains irritant ingredients. If you are pregnant and have beriberi, that's it. Otherwise, it will affect the baby.

Can pregnant women use beriberi water in Japan


Ingredients: zefunato external solution 2% content 1 ml 20 mg additive citric acid hydrate, dibutyl, glycerin fatty acid ester, isopropyl palmitate, diethyl sebacate, methyl ethyl ketone, ethanol

Product origin: Japan

Product specification: 10ml / bottle (colorless and transparent liquid) (about one week)

Manufacturer: Nippon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Efficacy: for onychomycosis, athlete's foot and antifungal

Is there any side effect of beriberi water in Japan

1. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers are not allowed to use!

2. If it's fingernails, please take care not to eat after applying medicine!

3. Keep out of reach of children and avoid drinking by mistake!

4. Try not to touch the wound, it is easy to cause tingling!

5. Use with caution if you have a history of antifungal allergy!

Trial evaluation of beriberi water in Japan

I'm also a person. My feet sweat easily. It's OK to wear sandals in summer, but my beriberi won't attack. Once I wear sandals, I'll have my beriberi recurred if I wear plush and thickened shoes in winter. I've bought medicine for beriberiberi in China before and it's easy to recur if I use it well. I've heard that there are prescription drugs for beriberi in Japan before, but I don't know how to buy them. I have to go to Japan to prescribe them. My sister is a little older than me. She may have worn my slippers when she came back home. She was infected. She went back to Japan and opened this in the hospital. She also mailed one to me. So far, it has been more than half a year, and her feet have not recurred

This time, some friends and relatives dragged my sister to buy this prescription medicine, so they went to the hospital and opened a box of 10. At present, there are still 5 in my box. Friends with beriberi and grey nails must try. The effect is really cow

For the treatment of tinea cruris, tinea cruris, ringworm of money, etc. caused by fungal infection on the skin, effective use on the same day: it is recommended to apply it directly on tinea cruris after 1-2 times of foot washing every day, when the symptoms of the infected parts disappear after several days of using this product, please continue to use it for a period of time for scleral fixation.