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How to raise the limit of micro credit

"Micro credit" is the first Internet Bank and Tencent Weibo bank in China. It is a pure online personal micro credit revolving consumer loan product for wechat users and mobile QQ users.

1. Under what circumstances will microparticle loans be opened?

Where is the micro loan? It can be found in wechat. When you enter the wallet interface, you can open the word "micro credit", that is, you can open the micro credit.

1、 TenPay has completed real name certification and installed digital certificates, and Tencent credit has perfect and accurate personal information;

2、 Use mobile wechat and QQ to pay back credit card bills in time and pay water, electricity and gas charges on time;

3、 Use wechat payment, mobile QQ payment, TenPay payment and transfer functions to form frequent capital flow records with Tencent people with good credit stars;

4、 Use Tencent's payment and multi payment scenario operations, such as online consumption, JD and other places where wechat wallet payment can be made, as well as offline shopping malls and supermarkets;

5、 Use the taxi software of Tencent to make an appointment, get on the train on time and pay in time;

Micro credit is the first micro credit product of micro banks. With the characteristics of borrowing and repayment, online, no mortgage and no guarantee, micro loan has attracted wide attention since its birth. So, what are the conditions for the opening of micro loans?

The micro credit can't be opened forcibly. Only when your credit qualification and income status meet the micro credit opening conditions set by micro banks, you will appear on the list of micro credit that can be opened, and you may be invited to open micro credit.