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How much is gulannola? How to make it delicious many online red food are brought up by stars. In the yearning for life, there is a period when Huang Lei sprinkles a circle of oatmeal after finishing the sugar gourd, which is the food called gulannola. And see a lot of guests are eating, let's learn about this star product!

How much is a package of gulannola

Gulannola nutritious fruit cereal, because the network price is different, 2.13-10 yuan / bag. This assorted fruit cereal includes 4 kinds of grains (oats, corn, rice, wheat) and 5 kinds of fruits (strawberries, apples, bananas, grapes, blueberries), in independent small package, each bag is 35g, specification: 35g * 14 bags.

2 boxes (35g * 28 bags) of Kellogg's strawberry + huangtaogu lannola fruit cereal: 99.9rmb;

Granola fruit cereal 490g: 49.5-69.9rmb;

Kellogg strawberry Valley lanola fruit cereal 350g: 10RMB;

Kellogg's strawberry Valley lanola fruit cereal 35g * 14:31-39.5rmb.

Is gulannola delicious

Yummy. Gulannola can be eaten dry or made with milk or water. It's hot and cold. It's delicious. Kellogg's latest product, Kellogg just won the most valuable brand title in 2016. The 110 year old cereal breakfast brand has a long history and is a necessary breakfast choice for many families in the United States and even in Europe. Is gulanno drinking with water

Gulannola can be eaten in boiling water. Lanola of Kellogg's new fruit cereal has two flavors: strawberry flavor and yellow peach flavor, including four grains and five fruits, with rich taste. Among them, the grains are all imported high-quality grains from Belgium and baked with honey by special technology. The fruits are also protected by foreign advanced technology for their fresh taste. As soon as it comes into the market, Kellogg's granola is popular with consumers for its fresh taste, various tastes, simple methods, rich nutrition and various eating methods. The diversity of eating method is a distinctive feature, which can provide consumers with DIY creativity anytime and anywhere.

Six ways to eat gulannola

1. With milk: Fruit cereal with milk is the most classic way to eat lanola. When the mellow milk meets the sweet and crisp fruit cereal, the fragrance of milk, the crispness of grain and the freshness of fruit are integrated and fully permeated. Many consumers are deeply impressed by this way of eating.

2. Porridge cooking: when preparing to cook a stomach nourishing porridge in the morning, you can sprinkle some Kellogg's lanola fruit oatmeal when the porridge is ready to cook, which not only improves the health and health, but also increases the delicious taste of the porridge.

3. Match with yogurt: Fruit cereal with yogurt to eat, is also the Kellogg's Valley lanola can not miss a way to eat, with sweet and crisp taste as the main fruit cereal, with sour, sour and sweet fresh yogurt, eat is a special flavor.

4. Dry food: the simplest way to eat is to eat directly. The dry food retains the original taste of honey bonded grains. It's sweet and crisp. With the sour and sweet taste of fresh dried fruits, it tastes delicious and has endless aftertaste.

5. Fruit salad: there are many kinds of fresh dried fruits in the fruit cereal. If you prefer to eat fruit, you can also make a fruit salad with some fruit you like. It's easy and quick to make, and it's delicious.

6. Vegetable salad: Kellogg's lanola fruit cereal is rich in vitamins, protein, dietary fiber and other nutrients. If you make a crisp vegetable salad with some fresh vegetables, the taste is fresh and nutritious, which is also a good choice for breakfast.