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2018, the most popular music list, 2018.

Sihai: the app is believed to be the most popular APP for young people nowadays. It's a short video social software for music creation. Since it's a music video, there are many popular songs. I believe many netizens are very fond of these songs. Today we list 2018 of the most vibrant Chinese music songs.

A very loud music song in Chinese.

1. Li Yuanjie's "sorrow of leaving people" can be written. In addition to some words that need to be considered, it has separately expressed the loneliness and uninhibited of men, the sadness and sadness of women, and the long thoughts of men and women. Moreover, it is quite suitable for the different mood and mentality of men and women.

Li Yuanjie was born in a small city with four or five lines. He has no professional music training and likes singing. How similar is this to most young people in small towns? Some people don't understand why "ride the wind and break the waves" makes so much money, which is actually the same as "sorrow of leaving people" can make fire.

2. When I listened to Tian Fu Zhen's "a friend I've loved for a long time" for the first time, I felt that I had overestimated my expectation for it. But when I think about it carefully, the divine music like "later" and "little fortune" could not be expected. This song is not that high, but it's not hard to hear. My brother Zhen's singing skill and beauty are very good!

3. Zhou Bichang's most beautiful expectation

4. Still empty

5. Slowly like you by Karen Mok is a warm song endowed with a sense of the times, which evokes all your precious memories about the beauty. It can't be said that this kind of feeling is like the warm spring breeze that urges people to take off the heavy cotton padded clothes or the cool sea breeze brought by the midsummer. It is clear that there is a first love like green and accompanied by a lifetime. It is comfortable. It makes people greedily feel that there is not enough happiness in front of them.

6. Drunk red cliff by Lin Junjie

7. Yuan Yawei's "say it or leave it"

8. Feng Timo's Buddhist girls

9. Hua Chenyu's dust in fireworks

10. Short and long