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2010 NBA western finals warriors vs rockets live address and game time

The 2017-2018 NBA Western Conference finals will start on May 15. The Rockets with the first record in the regular season will play the defending champion warriors at home. This is also the meeting of the two teams in the western conference again two years later. The rockets and warriors are two teams with both attack and defense, and also the absolute representative of the "five small balls" in today's era. The specific schedule is as follows:

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2017nba western finals warriors vs rockets schedule match time live address video rockets vs warriors 09:00 live address may 15

Rocket vs warrior may 17 09:00

Warriors vs rockets May 21 08:00

Warrior vs rocket May 23 09:00

Rockets vs warriors May 25 09:00 (if needed)

Warrior vs rocket May 27 09:00 (if needed)

Rockets vs warriors 09:00 May 29 (if needed)

Warriors sit in the big four, and all tactics and goals are created around them. He is equipped with tough players such as nickyon, igodara, West and Rooney. Meanwhile, Cole's tactics of creating a 'five small' team and cross cutting are even more painful for the opponents. The Rockets rely more on Paul Hadden to create opportunities around them, with Ariza, green, bamott, Anderson and tucker as pitchers.

For the warriors' five small teams, the Rockets also have them. Their five small teams are mainly selected by Hardon, Paul, green, Ariza, Tucker, bamott and Anderson, but Hardon and Paul must keep one, Tucker is indispensable. All the "five small" lineups will be important in the Western Conference finals. I wish I could ask for leave and not go to work to watch the game. Rocket attack efficiency first, warrior defense efficiency first, sharpest sword and strongest shield, who can win, it's hard to say.

In contrast, the Rockets' Western Conference finals are based on the performances of Haden and Paul, the bench bandits will play more roles, and the shooting rate and easy defense slack will be the problems they need to solve. On the other hand, warriors' tactics around the big four, fierce defensive players and quick break by catching mistakes are their main plays in the Western Conference finals.

Rockets and warriors are more like twins in this basketball era. We all want them to enter the finals, but the competition is so cruel, the game is winning.

The two teams have different attacking styles

From the offensive point of view, there is no team in the league like the warriors like to play, cross and cut. In the attack of warriors, the proportion of air cutting reached 12.3%. The percentage of warriors' non ball screen tactics is as high as 11.9%. The efficiency of non ball screen is the first in the league. With a large number of running, screen, super ball handling ability, outside and inside, no matter what team, cross cutting is almost the efficient play method that Warriors must try first. Fast rhythm, push conversion, a large number of running, a large number of cover, a large number of ball transmission, the warrior's offensive system only pursues one goal - to find the best out of the cell phone will reduce the difficulty of putting into the basket this link.

Kuri as the core of the pick-up system is also one of the warrior's signature weapons. Kuri's super shooting ability with the ball, together with the ability to deal with the ball of dream green, makes the warrior's pick-up comprehensive efficiency ranking first in the league. Interestingly, the pick and roll is already so strong, but the pick and roll ratio of warriors is the second smallest in the league, which is usually not the most preferred way for them to launch positional warfare attacks -- from the other side, we can see that the transfer system of warriors is strong.

The Rockets rely on Paul and harden to complete the attack by blocking and singles. The Rockets rarely do complicated tactical cooperation, relying on the strong holding threat, passing ability of Hadden and Paul, as well as a large number of shooters with accurate projection. Paul's three-point shots are more and more, and harden's mid-range shots are multiplied. Hardon and Paul are influencing each other and adapting to each other. There are two magic weapons in rocket positional warfare: pick and roll and single play. Rockets this season's singles ability is too strong, frequency and efficiency are the first league, singles comprehensive efficiency 1.124 points per round far ahead of the league. Hardon and Paul have played the most peak single season in their careers. In the history of available data, combined with production, Hardon's single efficiency this season can not be approached.

The final MVP dispute between Paul and Curie

For 13 years, Paul finally set foot on the Western Conference finals that he dreamed of. There is no doubt about Paul's personal strength. However, when he came to the Western Conference finals and faced with the powerful double crown and double MVP warriors, can Paul stabilize his mind and deal with the warrior's brother Shuihua like a veteran? In fact, Paul is relatively stable. There are four games in this year's Haden postseason with a shooting rate of less than 40%. The Rockets won all because Paul played harden Bottom - in these four games, Paul shot 48.8% of the time, averaging 26.8 points. In the past, when there was no Paul, the Rockets had a 5-10 record in the playoffs when Hadden hit less than 40%.

For Curie, this is a year for him to strive for glory. He has made three finals, won two titles and failed to get his own MVP. Can he seize the last chance in a short period of time this year? After all, Durant has asked for the top salary next year, so it's hard to say whether the warriors can maintain the super luxury lineup. This year is the last year when the warriors are regarded as the most popular champion A year.