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A three mouth formaldehyde poisoning Book ink can cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard?

It's a wonderful thing to read more, read good books and like reading. But recently, three of Ms. Tao's family in a residential area in Jiangyan got into a marijuana trouble because of reading. Because they collected too many books, they caused formaldehyde to exceed the standard. How could books lead to formaldehyde exceeding the standard? Learn from small editors of!

Ms. Tao and her husband, who graduated from Tsinghua University and now works as translators in an enterprise, are in the eyes of everyone. I don't like shopping or playing games. The only fun for the couple is reading.

Usually, when there is a book promotion on the Internet, Ms. Tao's family buys books three or four times a month. Ms. Tao's home is full of books. Every room is full of books. Ms. Tao's husband told reporters that there are tens of thousands of books in her home.

Reading can enhance people's accomplishment and enrich their knowledge, but to Ms. Tao's surprise, these books have brought them a great disaster. Since the second half of last year, three members of Ms. Tao's family have had different symptoms. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

'not only do I cough, but also my husband. Children have rhinitis. 'said Ms. Tao. A family of three went to the hospital immediately for examination, but after seeing a lot of money, they still couldn't find out the reason.

Ms. Tao's family is very distressed because they spend money and have no effect. After many inquiries, Ms. Tao found that all this may be related to the environment at home. Ms. Tao took a look at the website and said that formaldehyde may also cause coughing.

Ms. Tao wants to find a professional organization to go home for testing. Hearing that, Taizhou quality supervision department organized personnel to carry out free air quality test on their home. After the test, it was found that every room in Ms. Tao's home had formaldehyde exceeding the standard.

According to the test, her main bedroom is 0.10 mg / m3. According to the standard value, it slightly exceeds the standard. As a house decorated for two years, this value is relatively high. '(this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

[test result: each room is unqualified]

According to the national standard, the indoor formaldehyde content shall not exceed 0.08 mg / m3. Once exceeded, it will have a certain impact on the human body, and may cause serious damage to the human respiratory system, immune system, etc.

In the test, it was found that many parts of Ms. Tao's home had exceeded the standard seriously, so where was the pollution source in Ms. Tao's home?

Experts said: 'the highest value can reach 0.26 mg / m3, so it is over the standard. Finally, I saw her bookcase. The formaldehyde content in the bookcase was very high. It was preliminarily identified that the pollution source came from the bookcase. '

It is understood that the printing ink used in these printing products may exceed the formaldehyde standard, and the bright colors used in the books may also cause the formaldehyde to exceed the standard. Experts suggest that we should deal with some books and strengthen ventilation. If not, we'd better find a professional organization to deal with formaldehyde.