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What's the meaning of taking jujube pill? Where does jujube pill come from

What's the meaning of taking jujube pill? Where does jujube pill come from many friends who often visit the microblog of major post bar forums will encounter the word "take jujube pill". Many unfamiliar little friends are completely confused. What does it mean to take jujube pill? Where does it come from? Let's take a look at it together! (this article is compiled and reprinted by, indicating the source. Original link:

What do you mean 'take jujube pill'

The word "sooner or later" means "sooner or later". The scope of use is often on the Internet, and when people are involved in sensitive issues such as politics and history, people will comment on the phrase "sooner or later to finish" and express a kind of inability to kill.

The origin of 'taking jujube pill'

The earliest ACG secondary bullet screen video website in China had a variety of major problems in the early stage of its establishment, such as frequent replacement of the principal, infringement of the joint petition of the superior and the native, and the crisis of audio-visual license plate. And for users, the deepest feeling is that sometimes they can't even log in at station a. Users are often Tucao "this broken website to eat jujube pills", after much, after a long time, the word has become a common A station stalks, even A station employees to the management level to ordinary employees, will often come from this black. Therefore, the word has become popular on the Internet. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Development experience of "taking jujube pill"

Since the word has become popular, it has often been used in replies. With the increase of frequency of usage, the scope of use is also expanding. It is not that when tasked with sensitive topics, it may also serve as Tucao for daily events. For example, if you don't read a book well, eat and eat everyday, don't lose weight, etc., you can use this word to Tucao.

Take jujube pill

If a sword doesn't offend the base, I'm afraid the website will take jujube pills, but fortunately, it will never return on the road of offending the base

The above is not a detailed introduction of the word, not to eat dates~