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2018 summer dress with 2018 latest dress

Just into the summer, the hot weather is forcing the fairies to change into beautiful skirts. It can be said that the skirt is really a feminine pronoun, how to wear a skirt more beautiful and moving? Of course, there is a routine. What kind of skirt is popular in 2018? Come and learn.

Summer dress with solid T + plaid skirt

Old school feel! I have the feeling of going to school as a child and the feeling of uniforms in Hong Kong! I think it's a good match!

V-neck knitting + Plaid flared pants

Knitting is icy, not hot! Bell bottomed pants are my latest favorite. They look good in any way. Super versatile! And super close to the latest popular Hong Kong style! Super love!

Suspender plaid shirt skirt

Pink super girl, about 5 years younger, ha ha, and usually can also be paired with shorts, clothes tied in pants is another feeling! It's great to go out and take photos! I've already figured out how to match it! Vani is grid control!!!

Bandage dress

Buy a little black dress that you can wear at any date party! Simple and generous little black dress! Hee hee! The return rate must be 100!

Lapel knit + Plaid flared pants

This bell bottomed pants is really versatile. It's another style of Cheerleading to change a top and match it with a headdress! It's very Hong Kong style and versatile. Do you think it's haha? The retro style is blowing!

Pocket dress

As long as you see a dress with pockets, you won't feel soft! Because it's really convenient to have a pocket! I hope that in the future designers will design pockets on any skirt!

High waisted jeans

Super comfortable jeans, income bag in hee hee! It is said that it is exported abroad, so the quality is very good! Summer is the paradise of jeans!

Turtleneck knitting + Retro High Waist plaid pants

Pants show leg length! It's also the latest favorite! High waist design is also Vani's big love! Concave shape is the best! Hee hee

Shoulder shirt

Very simple and versatile design, very casual! The most important T-shirt for summer is really for convenience. T-shirts with a little small design are super convenient. You can go out without matching! Hee hee

Three good-looking dresses

Ruffle Skirt

A skirt with wavy ruffles. The retro plaid and ruffles are very chic. Some retro, but with this fresh blue, and more modern fashion and tone.

Wearing dirty shoes or small white shoes will be more playful. If it is matched with single shoes or small high heels, it is also ol or lady style.

Whether it's a white T-shirt or a special graffiti T-shirt, or with a Chiffon Top, there will be different styles. The color will be very white again. I like this one very much. I recommend it to you.

Vintage Floral Dress

This dress has two kinds of patterns. If it is small, it will be fresh and artistic. If it is big, it will be more atmospheric and retro.

I prefer the printing of big flowers. It depends on my personal preference. It's different. It's a very elegant and thin dress, a looser style, which can be well controlled by any little fairy. It's a little lantern sleeve. It's wide and good to cover the worship meat. If you wear it in summer, it can also play a role in sun protection.

It's a good item whether you wear it in the office or go shopping.

Sleeveless dress

This sleeveless dress, if slightly matched, will be more ol style. A handbag, or a satchel, with a pair of single shoes, a very simple sense of OL fashion came out.

It seems to be a simple one, but it will give people a different sense of simplicity and fashion.

If you want to have a different style, it will be another sense of playfulness to wear it with canvas shoes, small white shoes and a small satchel with a bright color on its back. Anyway, it's a variety of matching skirts.