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Is there any scientific basis for calm mind and natural coolness? How to keep calm mind and natural you must have heard this saying in summer, or when you are hot and fidgety, 'calm and cool naturally'. It is estimated that when every child has experienced special heat, the adults next to him always say "calm and cool naturally", but is there any scientific basis for calm and cool naturally? How can we really achieve calm and natural cool?

Is there any scientific basis for calm mind and natural coolness? How to keep calm mind and natural coolness

What is' calm mind naturally cool '

In fact, calmness of mind and natural coolness should be referred to as' emotional heat stroke ', which refers to the state that people are easily out of control by the influence of high temperature and frequently have friction or dispute. In the same face of high temperature weather, different people have different reactions. Some people are sweating and grumpy. Some people are cool and calm. Apart from their physical reasons, the other one is determined by their psychological state. Therefore, we often say "calm mind naturally cool".

Is there any scientific basis for "calm mind and cool nature"

Emotions affect calories

When the heart is calm, the excitability of sympathetic nerve decreases, and the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline in the body decreases. As metabolism slows down, people's heart rate will slow down, and the heat generated in the body will be reduced. The amount of perspiration in meditation is greatly reduced, and that's why you blush and sweat when you are angry and quarrelling.

Emotion affects heat dissipation efficiency

People have four ways of heat dissipation: body surface heat radiation, heat evaporation, conduction and convection. Thermal radiation refers to the heat dissipation of the body by transferring the heat to the colder objects outside. Sweating belongs to thermal evaporation. Taking a cold bath is a kind of conduction heat dissipation, and the usual fan blowing and air conditioning are convection heat dissipation. In these four ways, except for convective heat dissipation, the other three will be affected by skin surface temperature. When a person is in a hurry, the brain will be excited, causing vasoconstriction, reducing the blood flow on the surface of the skin, and reducing the skin temperature, which will make the heat difficult to emit.

Subjective feelings of emotional influence on temperature

When the mood is volatile and in a state of irritability, it is easy to magnify the bad stimulation of the outside world. For example, it is more difficult for people who do not look good at ordinary times to tolerate it, and the originally hot weather will also feel unbearable.

How to keep calm and cool

Meditation meditation

The easiest way to meditate is to start with deep breathing and imagining relaxing scenes. Meditation can make people calm, aware of internal emotional changes, improve the ability to control emotions.

Adjust bad cognition

In many cases, our pain and tangle come from our view of things. We can relieve the unstable mood to a great extent by adopting a positive, optimistic, calm and receptive attitude.

Ask for help

Simple emotional problems can be alleviated by themselves, but too serious emotional problems will have a great impact on life. At this time, it is the most efficient way to find a psychological consultant to help.