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Does electric toothbrush have the function of whitening teeth

Four seas network: with the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of quality of life is also increasing. For example, many people have changed from ordinary toothbrush to electric toothbrush, which is very convenient to clean teeth. Do you need toothpaste for electric toothbrush? What should we pay attention to when using electric toothbrush?

Can electric toothbrush whiten teeth

No. Electric toothbrush has no effect on whitening teeth. If you want to whiten your teeth, you can't whiten your teeth simply by using an electric toothbrush. No good toothbrush can whiten your teeth.

Do you need toothpaste for electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush needs toothpaste when brushing teeth. Although you can clean your teeth without toothpaste, the cleaning effect will be better after adding toothpaste, and you can also keep your breath fresh. The electric toothbrush can also remove most foreign matters on the teeth without toothpaste, but it is more recommended to use toothpaste, so the cleaning effect is better. The way to use the electric toothbrush is similar to the ordinary toothbrush, but the electric toothbrush does not need to use the hand brush, and the cleaning effect is better.

Precautions for use of electric toothbrush

1. When applying toothpaste, the dosage should be controlled. Generally, the length of toothpaste can cover the brush head.

2. When applying toothpaste, do not turn on the switch of toothbrush. The correct way is to apply toothpaste first, and then put it on the teeth. First, apply the toothpaste evenly, and then turn on the electric toothbrush for cleaning. If you turn on the toothbrush after applying toothpaste, the toothpaste will be thrown off due to high-speed rotation.

3, after you brush your teeth, you should pay attention to it. First, turn off the power supply and then remove the electric toothbrush from your mouth to avoid foaming.

4. The brush head of the electric toothbrush is the same as that of the ordinary toothbrush. It needs to be replaced every three months. After the toothbrush is used for a long time, the upper brush hair will be worn and the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced.

Correct use of electric toothbrush

1. Install the brush head correctly: when installing the brush head, make sure that the brush head is firmly fixed in the brush shaft to avoid the loosening of the handle of the brush head.

2. Before using the electric toothbrush, pay attention to soak the brush head with warm water to adjust the softness of the brush hair. For example, if you use cold water to open the brush directly, the brush hair is hard and the vibration frequency is not suitable, so gum bleeding occurs. If your teeth are sensitive, it is best to use soft bristles.

4. Although the use of electric toothbrush method does not need to consider too much brushing skills, but how to effectively brush teeth to make the teeth cleaner is also a problem that needs attention. When brushing, put the brush head close to the thinnest front tooth, pull back and forth, and pay attention not to use too much force. After the toothpaste blisters, turn on the electric switch, apply appropriate force after the brush head vibrates, move the toothbrush back and forth from the front teeth to the back teeth, brush for about 30 seconds in each interval, and then clean all teeth in two minutes.

5. If the purchased electric toothbrush has a tongue scraper, you can use the tongue scraping edge on the back of the brush head to scrape the tongue coating after brushing, which can achieve the effect of thoroughly cleaning the tongue and make the mouth healthier and cleaner.

6. The cleaning of electric toothbrush is much more convenient and sanitary than that of ordinary manual toothbrush. After brushing, put the brush head into the water, turn on the electric switch, shake it slightly for a few times, and then tap the brush head, then the foreign matters and toothpaste left on the brush hair can be removed.