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How to deal with the blood stains on the bed

Sihaiwang: mattress is an essential part of our life. It's a very important household. It's very important to keep the mattress clean and tidy. What to do if the child is not careful to wet the bed? How to clean the blood stains on the mattress? Below might as well and small make up the following solutions!

What to do if the bed is peed by the child

1. If there are less places to urinate, you can put them in the sun to have a taste and then they can be removed, so they don't have much taste. If the taste is very deep, you need to wash the wet place with water. Try not to wash the mattress in water.

2. The soap is cut into dregs and put into hot water. Then it is applied to the place where the urine is wet. After it is dried, it can be cleaned with clean water. Pay attention to partial cleaning. Do not put all the mattress into the water, especially the cotton one.

3. You can also take down the wet place, and then add some cotton to the place where you play cotton and play it again. It is recommended to do this only when the cotton is originally played at home. If it is bought, it is recommended to replace a new mattress.

How to remove the urine trace on the mattress

1. Bleach, bleach and so on. Remove stains and disinfect them. But pay attention to the instructions. Some fabrics cannot be used and will fade.

2. Oxalic acid and phosphoric acid are mixed with copper sulfate to form 10% aqueous solution, which can remove urine alkali and odor.

3. Soak the place with urine stain with 84 disinfectant in proper proportion, and then wash it with clear water.

4. New urine stains can be washed with clear water. Dry old urine stains need to be cleaned with detergent. If there are traces, natural fiber silk fabric can be washed with ammonia and acetic acid 1:1 mixture, and finally rinsed with clear water.

How to clean the blood stains on the mattress

1. If you have just got blood, you can wash it off immediately with cold water or light salt water. Be careful not to use hot water, because the blood contains protein, which will coagulate when exposed to heat and is not easy to dissolve. Then wash it with soap or 10% potassium iodide solution.

2. Mash carrots or carrots and add salt to smear them on the bloodstained area, so that the bloodstain on the clothes can be removed.

3. Wipe the contaminated area with 10% tartaric acid solution, and then wash it with cold water.

4. Enzyme washing powder can be used to remove blood stains. The enzyme in the enzyme washing powder can effectively decompose the protein in the blood, and the effect is very good.

5. If the contamination time is long, 10% ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used to wipe the contaminated area, and then cold water can be used for cleaning after waiting for a while. If it is still not clean, wash it with 10-15% oxalic acid solution, and finally rinse it with clean water.

6. Both new and old blood stains can be rubbed and cleaned with sulfur soap.

7. You can use some underwear soap to clean, this effect is OK, if you have this soap at home, you can use it.

What to do if you don't want to wash your menstruation

1. Pick up some quilts or mattresses of the aunt, moisten the place with water, and then put toilet paper on both sides of the mattress.

2. Moisten with water from one direction, let the water pass through the upper layer of paper and then to the lower layer of paper, then press, moisten with water, press, and repeat the same steps.

3. Remember to replace the lower layer of paper, so you can find that the great aunt has gone to the toilet paper, the quilt is as white as new, and there is no need to use detergent, no detergent, and no trace.