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Can tomatoes be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning

Sihaiwang: tomatoes can be said to be the king of vegetable nutrition, which contains very rich nutritional value, which is helpful for beauty and skin care, vision protection, lipid reduction and blood pressure reduction. Eating more tomatoes is good for our health. When is the best time to eat tomatoes?

Can I have tomatoes on an empty stomach in the morning

No way. Because tomato is rich in pectin, gossypol and other ingredients, it is easy to react with gastric acid in the stomach, coagulate into insoluble block substances, which are easy to block the stomach, cause the pressure in the stomach to rise, cause the stomach to expand, and cause severe stomach pain symptoms. So, it's better not to eat tomatoes on an empty stomach in the morning. After dinner eating tomatoes because of stomach acid has been mixed with many foods, its concentration is not large, it will not react with the gelatine of tomatoes, so it is not a big problem.

Tips: of course, don't worry too much. It doesn't matter if you eat one or two. It's too big to drink some water after eating. But we should be wary of eating like this.

When is the best time to eat tomatoes

1. 30 minutes after meal

After dinner about 30 minutes to eat tomatoes is the best, not only to help promote the body's digestion, but also to help burn fat, excrete toxins, water for the body and so on. If you want to lose weight, you can choose to eat tomatoes after meals to help burn excess fat.

2, meal

Tomatoes are also good for dinner. Because of the cold nature of tomatoes before eating, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal pain and other situations; eating tomatoes during meals can not only help relieve greasiness, but also mix tomatoes with gastric acid to avoid stomach discomfort.

3, evening

It is also good to eat tomatoes at night as dinner, which can speed up the basic metabolism of the body, promote the body to actively consume the energy, improve the physical fitness, and make the body not easy to gain weight. In addition, the melatonin contained in tomatoes can help sleep, promote the secretion of growth hormone in the body, which can accelerate metabolism, promote the decomposition and combustion of fat.

4. Before exercise

Before each exercise, eating a tomato or drinking a glass of tomato juice is also very advocated. It can not only supplement energy for the body, but also inject slimming ingredients into the body in advance to enhance the effect of sports slimming.

Precautions for eating tomatoes

1. During menstruation, women should eat less or try not to eat tomatoes.

2. Spleen and stomach deficiency cold and menstrual period of women, things should not eat tomatoes.

3. Tomatoes can not be eaten on an empty stomach. Eating on an empty stomach is easy to stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, which is easy to cause stomach discomfort, stomach distention and other problems.

4. Do not eat unripe tomatoes, unripe tomatoes contain toxic substances lycopene, too much intake can make people toxic.