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Is mainland copy 3 an abridged version of copy 3

In just a few days after its release, Avenger League 3 created a huge box office, which finally confirmed the situation of "ten-year layout, peak World War I", which is the result of hope for Marvel fans.

It is understood that the duration of the film in IMDB database is 156 minutes, that on ticket websites in the United States is 156 minutes, and that in Hong Kong and Taiwan is 155 minutes.

But in Ireland it's 149 minutes and 09 seconds, in Japan it's 150 minutes, which should be rounded off.

Director Joe · Russell was surprised to hear that, 'I can't imagine what 7 minutes they would cut out of the film.. . For the first time, I knew about it. I was shocked. As a director, of course, you don't want anyone to censor it or cut some parts. This is a PG-13 movie without radical content, so I was a little shocked. '

"The Panther" was once released in Indonesia and was also cut: the voice of a fight between the Panther and mbaku was cut off, because mbaku called out the name of Hindu god Hanuman.

I don't know much about the whole plot. I believe it has been seen sooner or later. So let's take a detailed inventory of the eggs and details that are easy to be ignored in Avengers alliance 3: Infinite War.

It is reported that at the end of the movie, the director of shendun Bureau found that his assistant disappeared suddenly. He felt that the situation was not right to prepare the call person. Unexpectedly, the phone had not been connected, and the director of shendun Bureau was GG. Make a phone call before death, the picture shows the icon of Captain Marvel! The point is! The war is not over. Every Trailer it released is closely linked to the hearts of its fans, and it will be watched repeatedly to avoid missing clues. It attempts to see more information about the film from the trailer to track the plot.

You may watch this new trailer repeatedly, but there are still eight highlights that you may miss:

08. Spider man's new clothes

In Avengers 3, Peter & middot; Parker finally changes into a new spider man outfit, which is exactly at the end of "spider man: return of the hero". Tony & middot; stark specially makes a new upgraded spider suit for Peter & middot; Parker.

07. Iron man also wears new clothes

Tony Middleton stark, iron man, will never miss a chance to show! In the notice, you can see that iron man has changed into a new steel suit, which is called "blinding edge armor" in the cartoon.

06. Captain America also has a new shield

Remember? At the end of Captain America 3, Steve Middleton Rogers gave up his shield. How can he fight against the bully in Avengers 3? The answer is the new weapon in the trailer. It is generally expected that the new high-tech shield will be developed by Panther's team for Steve Middleton Rogers.

05. "Grut" grew up

He is no longer the cute little grut in Galaxy escort 2, but the one who has grown up to be a teenager. If you have any questions about the timeline of his growth rate, here's our answer: there's only a few months (2014) between the first and second episodes of galactic escort, while there's a four-year gap between galactic escort 2 and Avengers 3.

04. There are two people behind them!

In this scene, at first glance, only the captain of the United States, the black widow and mirage, but the sharp eyed fans also found that there are two superheroes behind the three. As for the character No. 4, because of its red hair, it is generally assumed that it should be the Scarlet Witch; as for the character No. 5, it is most likely that it should be either the Falcon or the "winter warrior" Bach.

03. Is "vision" hurt?

Another picture of the same scene. It can be clearly found that the vision seems to rely on the support of the person on the left to walk, even his right hand still covers his left abdomen. Because of the infinite jewels on his forehead, it is generally expected that he will definitely be the number one sniper target of mieba. Therefore, his injury is not unexpected.

02. Three scars on mieba's face

These three scars have caused heated discussion on the Internet. However, this is not the masterpiece that fans want most of wolverine, because X-Men will not join Marvel movie universe in a short time. If you have seen the "Marvel movie universe" before, you will know that mieba's face is scarred; but if you really want to guess, the new shield of the black leopard, the captain of the United States, or the raccoon rocket are all possible.

01. The first combination of film version and TV board "Sherlock Holmes"

Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock in Sherlock detective, while Benedict Cumberbatch plays modern Sherlock in Sherlock detective. At last, the two big and small screen Sherlock Holmes are combined for the first time in Avenger alliance 3.

What's more interesting is that actress Rachel McAdams once played the ambiguous object of little Robert Downey in Sherlock Holmes, and she also played the lover of Benedict Cumberbatch in doctor strange.