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How to use the car's internal circulation? What are the precautions for turning on the air condition

Sihai network: automobile air conditioning is essential in summer, but many of our car friends have misunderstandings about the use of automobile air conditioning. How to use the internal and external circulation of automobile? For this problem, I summarized some related skills. We can use them properly when driving, which not only makes our driving more comfortable, but also reduces our fuel consumption.

How to use the car's internal circulation? What are the precautions for turning on the air conditioner in summer

How to use the external circulation of the car

1. The function of external circulation is to flow the fresh air outside the car into the car and change the air inside the car. If we don't use external circulation, we usually open the window directly for ventilation. In fact, the goal is the same, but the effect is different.

2. First of all, if you open the window for ventilation, the air will come in directly. If there is sand and tail gas on the road, they will all come into the car together. The air coming in from the outside circulation is filtered by the air conditioner filter of the car before entering the car. In addition, if the car is driven fast, especially at high speed, if the wind force from opening the window is larger and the wind is uncomfortable, the air in the outside circulation will be warmer and more.

3. When you open the window at high speed, even if you just open a small gap, it has a great impact on the fuel consumption, because when the car is at high speed, about 60% of the fuel consumption is to overcome the wind resistance. When you open the window, the wind resistance is greater. The air change mode of the external circulation is more scientific. It has an air inlet under our front windshield wiper and an air outlet at the rear of the car. When we drive at high speed, the wind comes from the front of the car and then from the rear. This in and out is all along the pressure of the wind resistance, so it has little effect on the fuel consumption, and even can reduce the wind resistance.

The use of automobile inner cycle

1. One is to turn off the external circulation to prevent the bad air from entering the car. The other is to keep the temperature inside the car. Generally, there are several kinds of environments that are best to open internal circulation, such sections as basement, traffic jam and sandstorm, to prevent automobile exhaust, dirty air and sandstorm dust from entering the vehicle.

2. Internal circulation can keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore, in general, when we are heating or cooling, the first thing is to open the internal circulation. However, for continuous internal circulation, although the temperature in the car has dropped, the number of people in the car will increase. Therefore, it's better to switch to the external circulation every hour to change the air.

3. But if the outside air environment is not good, for example, there is a lot of tail gas in the traffic jam section, the air in the basement is not good, etc., do not start the external circulation. If you are running at high speed, do not open the window. Open the external circulation. In short, in a word, when the air outside the car is good, if you feel that the car is stuffy, you should quickly open the external circulation for air exchange; if you want to keep the car inside, open the internal circulation.

Precautions for internal and external circulation of automobile air conditioner

1. In a short time after entering the car, people should open the windows or open the external circulation ventilation facilities to introduce fresh air. They cannot drive for a long time under the condition of closed windows and doors, nor sleep or rest in the closed car for a long time.

2. After purchasing a new car, the air exchange inside and outside the car should be kept as much as possible, just like the newly decorated house, so as to let the harmful gases in the car evaporate and release clean as soon as possible.

3. When turning on the air conditioning and heating, use the air exchange mode inside and outside the vehicle, and try to avoid using the self circulation mode inside the vehicle for a long time.

4. We should have the road consciousness of selecting relatively good air quality. Just like choosing low pollution green food, we should try our best to drive on the open route with good air flow.

5. When encountering serious traffic jam sections and time, or driving with vehicles whose exhaust emissions may exceed the standard, the air conditioning and heating switches shall be temporarily adjusted to the self circulation mode in the vehicle, and the windows of vehicles driving through windows shall be temporarily closed. The main habit of the car is to adjust the air conditioning system in time according to the air condition outside the car.

6, in the first 6 months of the new car, we must strengthen the ventilation, regularly clean the air conditioner in the car, try to keep the air fresh in the car, and pay special attention not to cover the abnormal smell in the car with perfume or air freshener.

In summer, although the high temperature in the daytime is frightening, the temperature at night is usually in the cool 20 degrees. Therefore, after a night of natural cooling, the temperature inside the car will tend to be the same as that outside the car, and the car will be in a relatively cool environment. Generally speaking, when you start the car, you will generally wait until the idle speed of the car is stable before you start to drive. If you turn on the air conditioning compressor when idling, you may feel that the vibration of the vehicle will increase, especially for vehicles that have been in service for a long time. Therefore, you are advised to turn on the air conditioning compressor after driving for a period of time.

1. After exposure to the sun

In summer, after a day's exposure in a spacious parking lot, the temperature inside the car will be higher than that outside the car. How to make the temperature in the car drop quickly? It's very simple. After we get on the car, we open the diagonal window to form convection in the car, turn on the air conditioner and switch to the air exchange mode (external circulation), and start to drive normally. The temperature in the car will be the same as the temperature outside the car in a short time. Then press the A / C COOLING button, and set it to internal circulation, so that the temperature in the car will drop quickly.

2. Pay attention to the air outlet

Most car owners have never paid attention to the air-conditioning outlet, and rarely adjust the direction of the air outlet. In fact, using the air outlet of the air conditioner can also improve the cooling effect of the air conditioner. I don't know if you have noticed that the household air conditioner is generally installed on the top near the roof, because the air-conditioning density will sink. We can also use the physical characteristics of the air conditioner to improve the refrigeration efficiency. When we turn on the refrigeration, we can turn the air outlet of the air conditioner upward and blow the cold air upward as much as possible. In this way, we can realize the natural convection circulation in the car and improve the refrigeration efficiency.