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How often can I use it? Is it harmful to use it every day

Sihaiwang: tooth powder is a kind of tooth whitening product. It's powdery. It can be used to whiten teeth. When there was no toothbrush in the 1950s and 1960s, toothpowder was used to brush teeth. Now let's see what the holy tooth powder is.

How often do I use dentifrice

It's better not to use it often. If you think your teeth are black, you can do sand blasting. The effect is obvious, no harm to teeth.

Tooth washing powder is usually used 1-2 times a week, which can give full play to the effect of tooth washing powder, and reduce the damage to teeth to the minimum. I hope it can help you.

Can tooth powder make teeth white

Before toothpaste, people used to clean their teeth with tooth powder. The function of tooth powder is to keep clean and remove stains on teeth. So, tooth powder can't make teeth whiter, but it can make teeth clean.

1. Tooth powder is a mixture of calcium carbonate and soap powder. From its composition, calcium carbonate and soap powder are used to remove impurities and 'restore' the original appearance of teeth, rather than making them whiter.

2. Because tooth powder is granular, it can really play a good role in cleaning the smoke and tea stains on the surface of teeth, but it is at the cost of "decalcification" of teeth.

3. However, the current tooth powder 'family members' have become more and more perfect, such as' tooth whitener', which can make teeth more white.

How to use tooth powder

1. After the tooth powder is mixed into the water, it can also clean the teeth, so you don't need to carry a toothbrush. Therefore, tooth powder is more suitable for people who often travel outside.

2. It should be noted that after rinsing the mouth with tooth powder, you must rinse the mouth with water again, because the tooth powder contains particles, if not dissolved in water, it will wear the teeth.