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Does the dehumidifier charge electricity? How long does the dehumidifier normally operate properly

Sihaiwang: we all know that the biggest function of dehumidifier is to reduce the humidity in the air. So how long does the dehumidifier run in a day? May as well and small make up understand next!

Does the dehumidifier charge electricity? How long does the dehumidifier normally operate properly

How long does the dehumidifier run in a day

Dehumidifier how long a day is generally determined by the actual indoor humidity, there is no standard. And dehumidifier can be set time, general humidity to a certain range will automatically stop, so it will not be on all the time.

The humidity of dehumidifier is suitable

Normal indoor humidity is generally controlled at 50 to 60 degrees. If it is a basement, it is recommended that the humidity be between 50 to 55 degrees. Because if the ambient temperature is more than 10 ℃, the relative humidity is more than 60%, it is very easy to form mold. If the temperature is more than 25 ℃, the humidity is more than 85%, the mold will grow very fast, which will have a great impact on human health.

Can dehumidifier be turned on while sleeping

It's best not to turn on the dehumidifier while sleeping. Dehumidification should be done before going to bed. There are several reasons.

1. The dehumidifier will dry the air slightly after dehumidification.

2. When dehumidifier works, the compressor makes noise. The noise of some bad machines is very loud, which will have a great impact on people who don't like to sleep with sound.

3. If the dehumidifier is fired to sleep in summer, the temperature of the air released by the dehumidifier will be a little high, and the temperature will rise, so too hot is easy to affect sleep.

4. The dehumidifier may have spontaneous combustion events, among which the dehumidifier is started at night, so it is not safe to start the dehumidifier when sleeping. It is better to dehumidify before sleeping. If the dehumidifier is turned on during sleeping, it is not easy to detect the fire.

Precautions for use of dehumidifier

Before the dehumidifier is operated, the doors and windows shall be closed to prevent the humid air from entering the room and affecting the dehumidification effect. If there is no need in use, try to reduce the opening and closing times of doors and windows. &ZWJ: dehumidifier is prone to refrigerant leakage due to frequent moving. If the compressor is running, but the temperature of air and return air is the same, the dehumidifier should be stopped and sent for repair as soon as possible to avoid energy waste. ‍

Does the dehumidifier charge electricity

The dehumidifier doesn't use much electricity. The power consumption of dehumidifier depends on its power. The power of small household dehumidifier is about 220W, and the power of the largest household dehumidifier is 550W. Although the power is not small, it is not large compared with air conditioner.

How much is the dehumidifier per day

According to the calculation of the dehumidifier power of 300W, if the time to sleep is not on, the dehumidifier will work about 10 hours a day, that is to say, it will spend about 3 kilowatts a day. The specific amount depends on the local electricity standard. If you go to bed at night, you can work 15 hours a day and spend about 4.5 kilowatts a day.