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How to address female chief executive and her husband

How to address female chief executive and her husband Recently, a female chief executive was elected in Hong Kong's general election, which has aroused great concern. There is also a lot of discussion about the title of her husband. Hong Kong's first husband? Her husband is very resistant, so what should she call her husband? (this article is compiled by, reprinted and noted out, original link:

After she became the first female chief executive in Hong Kong, her husband, Lin Zhaobo, became the first 'first gentleman' in Hong Kong. Lin Zheng had mentioned earlier that her husband was very resistant to the term and thought it would be better to be the 'chief executive's spouse'. Then, what should we call Lin Zhaobo in a formal or official situation? The general affairs circular issued by the Hong Kong administrative department suggests that Ms. Lin zhengyue'e, chief executive, and her husband, Dr. Lin Zhaobo, should be used in a formal situation, but they should never be called "couple", because it is not in line with Chinese tradition.

In the previous official documents of the Hong Kong SAR government, the first female chief executive was born. The executive department issued a general notice to teach people how to address Lin Zheng and her husband. According to Hong Kong 01 news network reported on April 4, the circular said that in formal occasions, official and legal documents, Lin Zheng should be called "Ms. Lin zhengyue'e, chief executive", avoiding the use of the word "you"; if a letter is to be sent to the chief executive, it should indicate "Ms. Lin zhengyue'e, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the people's Republic of China", and the above paragraph can be used "Mrs. Lin"; if a speech is to be made on a formal occasion, Lin Zheng should be called 'chief executive' or 'Mrs. Lin'. As for how to call Lin Zhaobo, the circular said that in official occasions, official and legal documents, 'Dr. Lin Zhaobo' or 'Dr. Lin' should be used. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

The circular also mentioned that if the two people call Lin Zheng and his wife at the same time or need to be called at the same time, Ms. Lin Zheng Yuee, chief executive, and her husband Dr. Lin Zhaobo should be used in formal occasions, and the chief executive and Dr. Lin can be used in informal occasions, but not the couple. Because, in general, the word "couple" will be added with the husband's surname in front of the two words, and because the chief executive's distinguished identity, it is necessary to call Lin Zheng first, and then Mr. Lin, so the word "couple" does not apply.