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What is the function of dehumidifier

Sihaiwang: with the increasing improvement of people's living standards, dehumidifiers have frequently appeared in our families. So what's the reason why dehumidifiers are so popular? Dehumidifier has many functions. It can not only remove the moisture in the room, but also have other functions. Do you know its functions?

Function of dehumidifier


The most important function of the dehumidifier is dehumidification. It can condense the water molecules in the air into water drops, and then discharge the treated dry air out of the dehumidifier. In this way, the indoor humidity can be kept at a proper humidity, and the indoor humidity will not be so wet.

Reduce bacterial growth

Dehumidifier can effectively reduce the room humidity, which will reduce the growth of mold and other bacteria. High humidity environment will lead to faster growth of bacteria. If the humidity is below 60%, bacteria and harmful microorganisms will be significantly reduced.

Reduce the incidence of disease

Indoor humidity is reduced, bacteria growth is reduced, and humidity is reduced. The human body will also be in a relatively comfortable state. If the humidity is not high, it can reduce the occurrence of rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, tracheitis, asthma and other diseases, and the high humidity environment is particularly easy to cause these diseases to be serious.

Furniture protection

Dehumidifier not only has dehumidification effect, but also can effectively prevent some furniture, home appliances, books, drugs, food and other moisture damage in the home. When the indoor humidity drops, it also protects these household appliances from the influence of moisture.

Drying clothes

In wet weather, clothes dry very slowly. If you don't have other tools for drying clothes, you can use the dehumidifier to quickly dry the clothes. Turn on the dehumidifier in wet weather, and the clothes can be dried overnight.

Can dehumidifier remove formaldehyde

Dehumidifier can not remove formaldehyde. Dehumidifier can remove the moisture in the air and make the moisture condense to the low temperature surface. When the air cools, it loses the ability to maintain the gas state and condenses into water. A fan draws the indoor air to the refrigeration coil of the air conditioner to condense the moisture, and then the condensate will drop into a small bucket, and then the dry air will be heated to the original temperature through the heating coil, but this process can not achieve the purpose of formaldehyde removal.

Dehumidifier has many functions. It can not only remove the moisture in the room, but also have other functions. Do you know its functions?

Precautions for use of dehumidifier

1. The opening time of dehumidifier shall be determined by the actual indoor humidity, generally without strict requirements. Household dehumidifier can also set time, or adjust the set humidity of dehumidifier, when the room humidity is lower than a certain value, it will automatically stop.

2. If you need to clean the dehumidifier, wipe it gently with a wet cloth. No other detergent is needed. It is also better not to put detergent in internal cleaning to avoid affecting internal parts

3. Normal indoor humidity is controlled at about 50-60 humidity, too dry or too wet is harmful to human body, and setting too low temperature will cause dehumidifier to work all the time, and loss of dehumidifier life.