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What is the meaning of Haier air conditioner Icon

​​​​​​​ air conditioning is essential in our life, but many people in every household don't know it very well. Maybe many of the patterns on the air conditioner are not very clear. Here are some common patterns of the air conditioner.

Haier air conditioning mode icon meaning

Triangle Icon

Automatic mode. In the automatic mode, the air conditioner will cool or heat according to the indoor temperature, cool in summer and heat in winter, but the temperature cannot be adjusted in this mode.

Snowflake Icon

Cooling mode. Generally used in hot summer, or when the air conditioning needs to collect fluorine, start the refrigeration mode, and the temperature can be adjusted.

Sun Icon

Heating mode. The heating mode can be turned on in winter to raise the indoor temperature, but the maximum heating temperature is 30 ℃.

Droplet Icon

Dehumidification mode. In fact, it is a function attached to the refrigeration mode. The principle is to use the air temperature drop to analyze the air and water, so as to reduce the indoor humidity.

Fan Icon

Air supply mode. It can blow into the room, cool in summer and hot in winter. The air volume has three modes: low, medium and high.

For people who don't know a lot about air conditioning, maybe the pattern on the air conditioning doesn't quite understand the meaning. Here are some common modes of air conditioning.

How to time Haier air conditioner

1, set up the refrigeration or heating state after startup, and then adjust the temperature.

2. Press the "timing" button on the remote control to change the timing mode. Each time you press it, you can change the timing mode. When the remote control displays off, it means to set the timing to automatically shut down, and on means to set the timing to automatically turn on.

3. Set timing time

'+': the default timing time is 0.5 hours. If you want a longer time, you can press the '+' button. The setting time will increase by 0.5 hours. Of course, if your setting time exceeds 12 hours, it will increase by one hour after pressing 12 hours.

'-': if you need to reduce the timing time, you can also press the '-' button to reduce the set time. For the first 12 hours, you can increase the timing time by 0.5 hours every time you press it. If the timing time exceeds 12 hours, it will decrease by 1 hour.

4. After setting the time, press the setting key to determine the time. At this time, 'on' and 'off' stop flashing. Timing setting is complete.