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How to use the air conditioner without the remote control many people in their lives say what to do if the air conditioner remote control is broken and lost? How to use air conditioner without remote control? How to turn on the air conditioner when there is no remote control in summer or winter?

How to use Zhigao air conditioner without remote control

If the remote control is accidentally lost or broken, and the air conditioner needs to be used immediately, the wall mounted air conditioner can open the front cover of the air conditioner's internal unit, which has a forced start or close hole, and only needs to use toothpicks or other sharp objects to poke inside. When the sound of a drop is heard, the air conditioner has been turned on. If you want to turn off, just poke once.

What to do without remote control

The automatic mode is activated when the machine is forced to start. It will heat or cool according to the indoor temperature. Therefore, the automatic cooling will be activated in summer, and the heating will be activated in winter. There is no need to worry about the mode.

Some users find that the remote control is lost or broken when using Zhigao air conditioner, but they always need to use the air conditioner in summer or winter. How to turn on the air conditioner when there is no remote control?

Using the universal air conditioner remote control

The long-term use of the forced start switch can not solve the problem, but also affect the life of the air conditioner, so it is not recommended to open it frequently. If the remote control is broken or lost, it should be replaced in time. Either replace it with a remote control of the same specification, or buy a universal remote control in the shop. If you buy a remote control of the same specification after sales, it may be more expensive, and you can buy it on the market Adjust the universal remote control, you can compare the price of the original remote control with the price of the universal remote control, and then decide which one to use.

How to use the universal remote control

Press and hold the corresponding brand key for about 5 seconds to enter the brand search, the code symbol will flash, send the power on code of the first code of the brand, send a set of power on codes for about 1.5 seconds, release the key when there is air conditioning response, so as to confirm the current code. Simply put, press and hold the corresponding brand button on the air conditioner. After a few seconds, when the air conditioner reacts, it can be released, and then it can be used.

If there is no response after pressing the corresponding brand button for 10 seconds, you can try other brand buttons, and also press the corresponding brand button for about 10 seconds. If there is no response, then unfortunately, either the control system of the air conditioner is broken, or the universal remote control can't recognize your air conditioner.