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What is the tea egg incident? Who is the tea egg professor? Personal information of the tea egg Prof

What is the tea egg incident? Who is the tea egg professor? Personal information of the tea egg Professor the once talked about professor of tea eggs is going to give a lecture on success. But because of the intelligence exposed by the tea eggs incident, it was bombed by netizens and forced to be cancelled. What's the matter with the famous tea eggs incident? Why does Professor tea eggs say that the people in Mainland China can't afford tea eggs? (this article is compiled by and reprinted to indicate the source. Original link: http://

In November 2013, a variety show in Taiwan was turned over by netizens and became popular on the Internet. In the program, Gao Zhibin, a guest, said that ordinary Chinese people can't even afford 'tea eggs'. This video once became popular on the Internet, which exposed the cognitive gap between Taiwan media and the mainland.

On November 5, 2013, Taiwan United News Network released the news "the mainland can't afford tea eggs & hellip; variety talks about the wave of people's sentiment", and said on Facebook:

There are people in the mainland who can't afford tea eggs, but there are also people who can buy the whole tea eggs

The original version of Lianhe news network has been deleted, but I still take one of them: (this article is compiled by, reprinted and noted the source, the original link:

In response, producer Li fangru said on Weibo, "as a media person born in Taiwan, I hope that both sides of the Taiwan Strait can understand each other well, not to spread false information, or even to fight against each other. Only when we take each other's strengths and face each other's shortcomings with humility, can we be wise.". "He also complained for the ensemble and the artists," some programs may be taken out of context, enlarged the focus, and even the guests are afraid to cooperate with the performances in order to take into account the ratings. "

In fact, there is a layer of fog between Taiwan and the mainland. Taiwanese who don't know the truth may take it seriously in part, but even those who easily believe in Internet rumors will think it's funny after reading the "tea egg" speech. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

In the program, Gao Zhibin said that Taiwanese dare to spend money when they see the mainland group coming to Taiwan, but they are only 40 to 50 million of the 1.4 billion mainland people, and they may come from big cities. The show provides advice on how Taiwanese companies can develop food and beverage businesses in the mainland.

Nowadays, 'tea egg' has become the hottest topic on Sina Weibo, and most netizens ridiculed Gao Zhibin's view that mainland people can't afford tea egg in his comments. China's per capita disposable income in 2013 is 18311 yuan, while a tea egg is usually only sold for 1-1.5 yuan even in developed coastal areas. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

Gao Zhibin, nicknamed "Professor of tea eggs" by netizens, explained this in an interview in November 2013. First, he said that his original intention had been misunderstood. The economic situation in different parts of China was different, so Wenzhou could not be compared with the mainland, such as Zhengzhou. Later, he said, there are indeed more than half of the towns and cities in the mainland, which can't even afford a tea egg. When talking about tea eggs, he said that the income of the people in the mainland is very low and they can't afford tea eggs at all. Because the program's view is too bizarre, netizens on Weibo have made fun of tea eggs as a topic, and published their own photos of tea eggs to "show off their wealth".