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Premier League Chelsea down 0-3 Newcastle keep home at 22:00 p.m. on May 13, Beijing time, the 10th match of the 38th round of the 2017-18 Premier League started at the same time. Chelsea played Newcastle away. After 90 minutes of fierce competition, Chelsea lost 3-0 and ranked fifth in the season. They are not destined for the Champions League next season and will play in the Europa League.

Premier League Chelsea down 0-3 Newcastle keep home

The last time the two teams met was in the 15th round of the season when Chelsea won 3-1 at Stamford Bridge. Before this game, Chelsea are two points behind Liverpool. Only when they beat Newcastle and the Reds lose can conti's team enter the top four.

At the beginning of the game, Newcastle occupied the main attacking team. In the 9th minute, Shelvey received a ferry from his teammates outside the penalty area, and then he was saved by kurtuva with a long shot, and aspilquita quickly cleared the penalty area. Then, diame shot a long shot outside the penalty area and was saved out of the baseline by kurtuwa. The 19th minute, Newcastle in the forbidden area right cross, Cantor almost blocked the ball into their own goal, kurtuwa blocked out. The 20th minute, Newcastle counterattack, diame in the forbidden area outside the sudden cold arrow, the ball sliding through the door, Chelsea escaped.

The 23rd minute, Chelsea conceded the ball, Newcastle cross, Murphy's attack was blocked by kurtuva, then Gail header to score, Chelsea 0-1 behind. The 28th minute, Moses right cross, Newcastle defender intercepted. In the 37th minute, Peres shot in the forbidden area and hit Christensen's hand, but the referee didn't award a penalty. The 44th minute, Emerson left cross, Newcastle guard out of the bottom line.

The 49th minute, Newcastle left cross, Ritchie in the penalty area header, kurtuwa got the ball. In the 53rd minute, after receiving the right cross, gillu's juggling in front of the goal was blocked by the other goalkeeper. The 59th minute, Shelvey outside the penalty area like a cross shot to sweep the ball to the front of the door, Perez in front of the door shot, Chelsea 0-2 behind.

The 62nd minute, Chelsea counterattack, Azar cross in front of the door, Buckley push shot was blocked. In the 63rd minute, Newcastle won a free kick on the right side. Shelvey hoisted the ball into the penalty area. After receiving a right cross from his teammate, Peres pushed the ball in front of the goal, and Newcastle led Chelsea 3-0. The 76th minute, Chelsea replacement, William and morata appear, replaced by Buckley and GIRU two players. Chelsea lost 3-0 at the end of the game.

Two teams:

Newcastle (451): 12- Dubravka; 22- yadelin, 6- Russell, 20- Lerena, 3- Mette; 8- Shelvey, 10- Diyame (87 min heilheira), 11- Ricci (72 min Hayden), 17- ayosee Peres, 7- yakobs Murphy; 9-gail (48 min joselo)

Chelsea (343): 13 - kurtuva; 28 - aspilkutta, 27 - Christensen, 24 - Gary Cahill; 15 - Moses, 14 - Bakayoko, 7 - Cantor, 33 - Emerson; 8 - Buckley (76 minutes William), 10 - Azar (82 minutes PEDro), 18 - GIRU (76 minutes morata)