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Levante, 3 goals in 10 minutes, Barcelona crazy, 11 minutes without filling in the hole

Four seas network: Levant early early to protect, Barcelona early to win the championship, both sides in this game play quite open. Messi's rotation and the injury of umtiti make Barcelona lose the core in the offensive end, and the defensive end also lose the best choice to deal with the speed forward. The decline in the strength of the Rossoneri made Barcelona no longer look at the small mountains, but played a very classic confrontation with Levant. Both sides have miraculous moments, but Barcelona failed in the end.

Levante 3 goals in 10 minutes Barcelona crazy 11 minutes didn't fill the hole

After the first half, Barcelona returned to the dressing room with a score of 1-2. After the start of the second half, Barcelona had hoped to equalise as soon as possible and take the initiative. However, in just 10 minutes, Barca was scored three goals by Levant in a row, and the score became an amazing 1-5. Levante is also the first team in the season to win Barcelona five games.

Only 33 seconds into the second half, Barcelona lost their third goal. Alba's midfield passing error led Levante to launch a team fast break. Campania hit back on the right, and Baldi scored a wonderful arc in the penalty area. Three minutes later, Luna assisted Boateng in a single goal. In the 56th minute, Baldi curled his left foot in front of terstgen. In just 10 minutes, Barcelona were completely beaten.

After returning to Barcelona, they launched a frenzied counterattack. The Rossoneri took 11 minutes to change the score to 4-5. In the 59th minute, Coutinho used the fullback's oolong to assist in a close-up volley. Five minutes later, after the left foot in the arc of the area picked up the ball, the right foot blew the world wave. In the 70th minute, Suarez put the penalty made by Busquets into the net.

In 10 minutes, the score changed from 1-2 to 1-5. In 11 minutes, the score changed from 1-5 to 4-5. Barcelona were on the offensive in the last 20 minutes, while Levant was fully focused on defense. It's a pity that Barca didn't achieve the miracle of equalizing four goals behind. Suarez's close range header was slightly higher than the crossbeam, while Busquets almost helped rocina to kick the ball into the empty goal at the last moment.