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What are the fault codes of Kelon air conditioner? How to judge the fault of air conditioner

Four seas network: analysis of common faults of Kelong air conditioner. When the air conditioner breaks down, the system will prompt the user, and the general user is very unfamiliar with these prompt codes. Today, it brings you a complete list of Kelong air conditioner fault codes. Come and learn~

Analysis of common faults of Kelong air conditioner

Air conditioner does not operate

1. Whether the current protector and fuse are blown

2. Whether the power plug falls off

3. Is the battery of the air conditioner dead

4. Whether the air conditioner protection device acts

Poor cooling effect of air conditioner

1. Whether the filter screen is too dirty

2. Is the air outlet of indoor machine and excavator blocked

3. Is the set temperature appropriate

Air conditioner operation failure

In use, it is strongly interfered, resulting in the failure of air conditioner operation. At this time, it needs eight times of power plug or pull down the air switch, wait for a few seconds, then close it, and then operate again.

The air conditioner doesn't work at once

When mode conversion is carried out during operation, the compressor can not be operated immediately. Generally, it needs to wait for 3 minutes before the compressor can be restarted.

There is running water in the air conditioner

It is the cooling medium flow monastery inside the air conditioner, not the failure.

Foreign matters in air conditioner blowing

Because when the air conditioner is working, it sucks in the peculiar smell of furniture and cigarettes, and then blows them out.

The air conditioner crackles

It is because the temperature difference of the switch machine changes greatly, the panel and other parts expand, contract unevenly, and produce friction sound, which is not an air conditioning fault.