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The 800 character experience of "fierce, China" with reference to the model "fierce, China" is a popular film documentary recently. The film mainly tells about the development and achievements of people in China. Today, the editor compiled a selection of 800 words of strong impressions of China, hoping to share with you.

The 800 character experience of "fierce, China" with reference to the model

What's the impression of "fierce, our country"

Recently, the Youth League Committee of our academy has organized all the members of its branches to go into the cinema to watch the documentary film "awesome, my country", witness the brilliant achievements of the development of our country, and feel the great power in the new era together.

Looking back on the five years of hard work, countless glorious moments are worth remembering by all Chinese people. This film shows the rapid development of China's high-tech in recent years: the largest radio telescope in human history, fast, the world's largest offshore drilling platform, blue whale 2, Mozi, C919 aircraft, China Bridge, China Road, China car, China port, China Net, 'Zhenhua 30' completed the final hoisting of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the 'Fuxing' EMU took the lead in realizing the operation of 350 km / h, the first space experimental station 'Tiangong 2' was launched on schedule, the 'South to North Water Transfer Project' completed the water operation & hellip; & hellip; a series of major scientific and technological achievements of China appeared frequently.

Motherland, in my heart is sacred and heavy stick. Looking back on the humiliation history in modern times, from opium erosion to the powerful guns of the eight powers allied forces, from the humiliation of the poor and the weak to the war of the Japanese aggressors, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the suffering of China rose up, became rich, and then became strong. "Fierce, my country" let me see the strength of the great motherland. "Fierce, our country" uses "big country" and "small family" as clues to each other. While focusing on "big country", it also focuses on "small family". This makes the film in addition to the grand, but also a lot of touching. Behind every 'Chinese miracle', we can not do without the participation and writing of ordinary people. The "power" of a country comes from the joint efforts of all the people in the country. The "achievements" of our country are reflected in the good life of every Chinese.

Although it is a documentary with a grand and serious theme, its title is full of sense of network, which makes the audience feel very kind. But intimacy doesn't just come from the title. When the movie expresses the grand theme, it chooses many specific stories. For example, a girl and a first Secretary of poverty alleviation in Tibet paid all her efforts to persuade her poverty alleviation targets to move. In fact, this is precisely the targeted poverty alleviation vigorously promoted by the country. Through such a real story, the film has practiced the concept of targeted poverty alleviation. At the same time, the audience can think about their own lives while they are shocked: how to make our efforts and contributions to my country?

Nowadays, the main force of film audience is young people, who prefer personalized expression. In terms of artistic form, fierce, China is a renovated style, coupled with the title of the film with a strong sense of network. Young audiences should be full of great enthusiasm for watching movies. After all, it is also a movie closely related to everyone's life.

Every story told in "awesome, my country" can be made into a good movie. On the other hand, radio telescopes that can see the furthest things in the world, drilling platforms that can explore the deepest places in the world, and many marvelous heavy instruments of human science and technology can provide realistic material basis for domestic science fiction films. It can be said that "fierce, our country" contains a lot of exploitable materials of the times, which can be called the theme library of film creators.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has sounded the rallying point of the whole Party and the people's march towards the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We can't live up to this good era once in a century and march forward bravely in the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. I am a witness and beneficiary of reform and opening up. Over the past 40 years, the party's leadership of the whole Party and the whole people has brought tremendous changes to Chinese society. Film is documentary, we are witnesses. Because I have witnessed the real changes in the film, I have witnessed the power of China, I have witnessed the miracle of China, I have to sincerely praise "awesome, my country"!

Reflections on "fierce, China" (2)

The other day, my father and mother and I watched the movie "great my country", which made me understand the current brilliant achievements and development of our country.

The release of this documentary film shows the grand appearance of a great country, the wisdom of China and the feelings of home and country. Our country has been greatly improved in the past five years. In the continuous changes over the past five years, what has remained unchanged is that the party and the state are committed to serving the people and the masses, focusing on the masses and the people's livelihood, making the achievements of scientific and technological transformation serve the people, making the people's livelihood projects practical and beneficial to the people, integrating big development into small details, and building a better home together. People's sense of participation is rising in a straight line, the sense of acquisition is continuous, and the real sense of happiness is integrated.

When we saw our compatriots in danger in foreign wars, the peacekeeping forces of the Chinese people's Liberation Army rushed to pick up the loudspeaker: comrades! We are the Chinese people's Liberation Army. We are here to pick you up to a safe place. We believe that if there is a motherland, there will be everyone & hellip; & hellip; touching words. The people who were moved to tears do not know what to do, crying, applause, and occasionally There are also mixed with the regret voice of foreigners & hellip; & hellip;

We have been waiting for a long time from "made in China" to "made in China". However, which of the great powers in "made in China" is not "made in China".

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's annual growth rate of GDP has ranked first among the world's major economies. China's contribution rate to the world economy has exceeded 30%, becoming the first engine to pull the global economy. China has proved to the world with its actions, and is also providing the world with "Chinese wisdom" with the responsibility and responsibility of a great power.

Sitting in a quiet theater, in a time and space temporarily isolated from the daily noise and trivia, let me think quietly while watching the movie. I think that in recent years, China has indeed undergone some important changes, and many of them can be seen or felt by myself.

It can be said that compared with many years before, it is really a great change, and it should be to create a new era unprecedented. Congratulations, songs and praises! As an ordinary person living in this country, I am the same as all of you. In this film, we see the hope and dawn of our motherland!

Our nation and country have stood up for thousands of years and never changed their original aspiration after countless trials and tribulations. The country is prosperous and everyone is responsible. I am proud of being a member of the Chinese nation and proud of my motherland. At the same time, I also feel the pride and responsibility of being a Chinese. Motherland! Come on!

What's the impression of "fierce, China" (3)

I walked into the cinema full of novelty and expectation to watch "fierce, my country". With the film playing, my mood was also excited. One picture constitutes an impressive scroll of traditional Chinese painting.

China's aircraft, China's ports, China's bridges, China's railways, and China's network all show China's wisdom and innovation. With the strength of China's economy and technology, various extraordinary super projects have emerged. Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, blue whale 2, Tiangong 1, Jiaolong, Fuxing and Tianyan are miraculous projects and scientific and technological achievements that only China dare to do. Made in China has begun to get rid of the technical constraints of foreign countries, and has achieved the number one in the world and demonstrated the strength of a great power. All of this makes people can't help but exclaim that 'our country has been severely damaged'.

China's position in the international community is rising day by day, and both military and economy play an irreplaceable role in the world. In 2015, when Yemen was in turmoil, the Central Military Commission sent frigates to Yemen to evacuate the Chinese people. The words "the motherland will take you home" immediately brought tears to people's eyes. No matter where you are, you will be protected by the motherland. The "one belt" economic belt, involving more than 60 countries, has made the country's economic strength stronger and will continue to play a leading role in global economic growth.

The prosperity of people's life is inseparable from the prosperity and strength of the country. Every major achievement of the country embodies the great power of the people of the country. The "big country" is closely related to the "small family". In the second half of the film, from the perspective of "small home", it tells the life changes of ordinary people, from the living conditions of poverty alleviation workers at the grass-roots level to the three generations of Bashang people who built the world's largest artificial forest, to the health administrators who do a good job of entering the home and the military teachers who protect the country. It vividly records China's poverty alleviation, ecological civilization construction, medical security and national security The outstanding achievements in the system and other aspects fully demonstrate the great struggle of the Chinese people in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.

The country is strong and the people are proud. Let's take pride in the wave of China's construction. Take pride in building a prosperous motherland.

Similarly, as a member of a strong China, the strength of the motherland can not be separated from our efforts and struggle. Little drops of water converge into rivers. As an oil man, as a senior technician, although my strength is small, as long as we work together, we will certainly gather into a strong force. We should also make our own contribution to the development of oil fields.

As a tester, we need to do integrity testing and test out accurate test data. Make sure to inject enough water and good water for the oilfield. Even if more water is injected, it will contribute to the development of the oilfield. I want to serve the oil field in line with the concept of "data inspection, quality assurance data".

As an oilfield tester, I will actively find and solve problems in my future work. In my work, I try to find innovation points and develop more and better innovation results to repay the cultivation of the oilfield.

As a trainer, I should constantly improve my ability and level. We should have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering talents. We should also have the ability to train talents. I will continue to improve myself in the future work. Strive to cultivate more and better skilled personnel for the oil field.

Friends, let's cheer for the strength of our country! Let's take pride in the strength of our country! Let's roll up our sleeves and work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! I'm Chinese! I'm proud! I'm proud!