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"Avenger alliance 3" people could have defeated the despot, but they had to give up all their effort in Avenger alliance 3, the coming of extermination of hegemony makes Marvel Universe face a huge catastrophe. The reason why this crazy Titan is so powerful is the infinite glove, one of the most powerful artifact of marvel! In order to defeat the despot, the superheroes tried every way. In the war, they could have defeated the despot, but because of a move of xingjue, all their efforts were wasted! What's the matter? Come and have a look!

"Avenger alliance 3" people could have defeated the despot, but they had to give up all their efforts because of xingjue

This scene appears on the planet Titan, where Dr. kiwi is facing him alone, while other superheroes are ready to fight nearby. Later, at the beginning of the war, superheroes have used their own skills. After a hard battle, Dr. Kiwi finally shackles his arm with infinite gloves, and other heroes also control it Control the body of mieba. In fact, as long as the infinite gloves are taken away at this time, the crisis of extermination of hegemony can be basically relieved, but the star Baron suddenly comes, and the story also turns here!

As the leader of Galaxy escort team, we should all know the relationship between xingjue and carmulla. But in the past, mieba sacrificed carmorrah for the soul gem. When xingjue knows the truth, he can't accept it. Iron man and other people tried to dissuade, but they failed to stop xingjue's rampage! When the xingjue team is venting, the power of the superheroes is also relaxed. Then, the despot took the opportunity to break free, and the superheroes' plans were abandoned!

In the whole movie, this is an important opportunity to defeat the despot, which is also a pity. For the practice of xingjue, many netizens also express their own views. Some hold xingjue silly regardless of the overall situation, and some feel that xingjue's infatuation is very touching. So which one do you think is more reasonable?