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What is the reason for the spectacular flying fish in Xiangjiang River?

What is the reason for the spectacular flying fish in Xiangjiang River?

Four seas network: Recently, the underground rainstorm in the South has attracted the attention of the whole people. The rainstorm continues in Hunan, and the water level of the Xiangjiang River keeps rising. Even the fish in the water are restless. The fish are flying on the water. The scene is shocking, even jumping on the boat. Why does the rainstorm make the fish fly around?

1. The rain will make the water turbid and the oxygen content in the water will decrease. The fish in the water can only jump out of the water.

2. The relationship between weather and air pressure: on a sunny day, the air is heated up. Under the control of the updraft, the air pressure in this area is relatively low, as is the case in most tropical areas. On a cloudy day, affected by the downdraft, if the air pressure is relatively high, the area under the control of the updraft will be affected by the downdraft if it is a cyclone, and the area under the control of the anticyclone with relatively high air pressure will be affected by the downdraft. Generally speaking, it is a geographical problem to see what air pressure affects it

The relationship between atmospheric pressure and dissolved oxygen in water: it is generally understood that atmospheric pressure will bring more oxygen into the water, the atmospheric pressure will be small, and oxygen will overflow. The theoretical understanding should be applied to Henry's Law (in fact, there are many laws that can explain this, here is only one example). When the pressure increases, the partial pressure of oxygen in the air also increases, the oxygen solubility increases. This is a chemical problem, of course, some laws of physics can also explain it.