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What is the right posture for running weight loss? What are the precautions for running weight loss

What is the right posture for running weight loss? What are the precautions for running weight loss when summer comes, many friends will think of various ways to lose weight. Actually, running is a healthy and effective way to lose weight, but the correct posture is good when running. What is the correct posture for running? What are the precautions for running to lose weight

The right posture for running to lose weight

1. Keep your body straight

Keep your body straight, don't hunchback, keep your breath in balance, and keep your strides in harmony. When running, don't shake too much from left to right, or it will increase resistance.

2. Front and back swing arm

During running, arm swinging is very important. If you don't master the correct arm swinging method, the resistance will increase. Generally, the left and right swing should not exceed the body midline, and the up and down swing should not be higher than the chest. In addition, keep fingers relaxed as much as possible during arm swinging.

3. Head shoulder stability

Keep your head and shoulders stable and look ahead. If you sit in the office for a long time and your shoulders are stiff, you can warm up properly and move your shoulders first.

4. Clench gently

The hands should be held naturally and gently. The forearm muscles should be tight. When running, do not hold mobile phones, drinks and other items, or it will affect the balance of the body.

5. Short stride

The step should not be too big. Every time the foot is placed in front of the body, if you suddenly increase the pace, you need to adjust your body, otherwise it will easily lead to Achilles tendon injury.

Taboo of running to lose weight

Running to lose weight, want to see weight loss, need to know taboos, lest often make mistakes, can not achieve the effect of weight loss. What are the taboos of running? Three taboo speed marks:

Taboo 1: eat after running

After running, the body fat can be consumed, which will cause hunger. If you eat a lot of high calorie food after running, the previously consumed fat will be replenished immediately, so that you will lose weight even if you run.

Taboo 2: less consumption than expected

After running, many people think that their body has consumed a lot of calories, which is not the case. For every 45 minutes of running, they may only consume 495 calories. So, don't think that you can lose weight in one step, you need to keep on running, and increase the running time and distance.

Taboo 3: repeat the same exercise

If you find a good training ground at your home, you can run in the same place every day, and the running time is the same, so you will gradually form a habit. But the disadvantage is that repeat the same training, muscles may adapt after a few weeks, thus affecting the effect of weight loss.

Precautions for running to lose weight

Running is a kind of aerobic exercise which is helpful for physical and mental health. There are many things to pay attention to when exercising. What should we pay attention to?

1. Before exercise, stretch your body, start from jogging, and then accelerate running. After a period of practice, adjust your state, and change to jogging, so that your body will not be too tired, and you can get better exercise effect.

2. When running, although it will be much easier to support the ground with the front foot than with the back foot, it will cause the crus to be thick and strong, so it is better not to do so, landing one after another with the heel, and then landing with the whole foot.

3. Keep breathing evenly, inhale with nose, and then exhale with mouth after swinging arm once. It is better to breathe with abdomen, so as to increase vital capacity.